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Looking to make friends to mix role play and gta missions, races etc.

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I'm also looking for people who want to hang out, cruise around, do some role play type self-directed adventures/story or " pretend missions", then also mix in gta missions and races, I mean reliable players or a crew to help complete gta missions would be nice:) I found a REALLY good crew for missions and making money but they are in France. I'm french/english bilingual, from Quebec originally, the time zone difference with my crew is 8 hours, so that makes me stay up way too late at night when they are playing actually in the morning, but worth it. I'm too busy to play in the daytime. I'm 42 and busy life, musician, social worker, farmer, family, I play this game to relax not shoot at everyone in sight in the lobby, however I can enjoy lobby when it's funny and chaotic in a playful kind of way, I don't care much for bullies and being texted insults for just wanting a relax style of play, but oh well when that happens I just move on. I'm considering joining an RP server, been watching on youtube, Bay area Bugs , Typical Gamer missions and zombie mod, and Jobless Gareth. It seems with my connection the more people in a session the more likely it is to disconnect... so private gta lobby may be best, thus I need to make new friends to invite.


I'm in northwest BC, Canada, pacific time zone, ideal time to play for me is 9 to 12 pm weekdays, later is ok in the weekends. For example when I was on xbox 360 I had a friend we would cruise around, check different outfits, go to the beach, snorkeling, offloading, motorbikes etc, she was super relax, I miss her, was from Australia. Now I'm on ps4 I tried adding her... When I'm in a lobby I try to approach players friendly like and it's really hit an miss, more often then not they shoot me or if we have a good time for a while then we get disconnected or they don't have a microphone so not the best approach. I decided joining this forum would be a better strategy.


For example, I like outfits and vehicles, so I go get a tuxedo and I get the limo, I pretend to pick up my crew before we head out to the mission, I show up with the limo in my tux and all, ready to create a little story... first party in the limo, cruise around, change outfit at the beach for a beer and campfire, then go to the airport, change outfit again, parachute to the office, change outfit, start the mission... they don't care one bit, just want to go straight to business. Don't get me wrong my crew is super chill and I can't say enough how great they are for making money missions, however no story telling, not enough spontaneous humor and goofing around. Good conversations though, but the time zone is still a problem.


So if you want to meet online and try to get along you can add me, or anyone for that matter, all welcome to try, cilrag10000 on ps4 :)

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