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Good kid

How some people say "you can't swim because...

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Good kid

It wasn't possible to do it at that time" or "game's engine couldn't run it",well you could swim in gta 4 which is a game came out two years before and also did use the same engine with RDR,wait wait wait!!!... You could swim in gta SA and dive underwater which is a game came out to ps2 in 2004 with randerware engine(if i aint wrong),so someone explain  me pls how some people can see this like "it wasn't possible",if you say "rockstar didnt give a f*ck",ok,but u sayin it wasn't possible for somethin which already been made 8 years ago before that game.

Just now, Good kid said:

8 years ago before that game.

My bad,i was gonna say 6 years

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Because Marston is Tommy Vercetti's great grandfather. Tommy changed his last name to sound Italian. Little people knew he was actually CJ's long lost brother. This means CJ also did change his last name at some point. This indicates that Sweet is a fool for considering CJ as his real brother which further explains why CJ left them for Liberty City at some point. To visit his real brother Tommy in prison in 1987. Marston would be proud though. His great grandsons took over San Andreas and Vice City. 

Edited by TheSantader25
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Also, pedantic correction, RDR uses a completely different version of RAGE compared to GTA IV, RDR's development was so messy they probably didn't even have time to implement swimming. ;)  All jokes aside, it was likely a design choice.


This doesn't really warrant a thread of its own and you can always use the RDR General Chat:


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