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Looking for PS4 players for heists, missions etc.


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Hi all,


So I and a friend of mine are looking for PS4 players to join to do some of the in game online missions as well as the heists.


For the record, as I'm writing this, I am level 43, and my friend is level 13.


So far we seem to get paired up with people that goof around (drawing attention to us when we're supposed to be stealthy), people that quit part way through for whatever reason, screaming kids or kids with too much noise in the background, or people blasting music in the background. Neither one of us are amazing players (yet?), but we enjoy the game and like to goof around sometimes.  BUT when it comes to missions and heists, we'd like to actually do them successfully.


For the most part our schedule is approximately 8pm - 11pm weeknights (Eastern time) , and varied on the weekends.


If you're interested in helping us out, have a good time maybe even a laugh or two along the way, our PSN Ids are:



Blackadder337  , and   Jansens-84


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I'm also looking for people who want to hang out, cruise around, do some role play type self-directed adventures/story or " pretend missions", then also mix in gta missions and races, I mean reliable players or a crew to help complete gta missions would be nice:) I found a REALLY good crew for missions and making money but they are in France. I'm french/english bilingual, from Quebec originally, the time zone difference with my crew is 8 hours, so that makes me stay up way too late at night when they are playing actually in the morning, but worth it. I'm too busy to play in the daytime. I'm 42 and busy life, musician, social worker, farmer, family, I play this game to relax not shoot at everyone in sight in the lobby, however I can enjoy lobby when it's funny and chaotic in a playful kind of way, I don't care much for bullies and being texted insults for just wanting a relax style of play, but oh well when that happens I just move on. I'm considering joining an RP server, been watching on youtube, Bay area Bugs , Typical Gamer missions and zombie mod, and Jobless Gareth. It seems with my connection the more people in a session the more likely it is to disconnect... so private gta lobby may be best, thus I need to make new friends to invite.


I'm in northwest BC, Canada, pacific time zone, ideal time to play for me is 9 to 12 pm weekdays, later is ok in the weekends. For example when I was on xbox 360 I had a friend we would cruise around, check different outfits, go to the beach, snorkeling, offloading, motorbikes etc, she was super relax, I miss her, was from Australia. Now I'm on ps4 I tried adding her... When I'm in a lobby I try to approach players friendly like and it's really hit an miss, more often then not they shoot me or if we have a good time for a while then we get disconnected or they don't have a microphone so not the best approach. I decided joining this forum would be a better strategy.


For example, I like outfits and vehicles, so I go get a tuxedo and I get the limo, I pretend to pick up my crew before we head out to the mission, I show up with the limo in my tux and all, ready to create a little story... first party in the limo, cruise around, change outfit at the beach for a beer and campfire, then go to the airport, change outfit again, parachute to the office, change outfit, start the mission... they don't care one bit, just want to go straight to business. Don't get me wrong my crew is super chill and I can't say enough how great they are for making money missions, however no story telling, not enough spontaneous humor and goofing around. Good conversations though, but the time zone is still a problem.


So if you want to meet online and try to get along you can add me, or anyone for that matter, all welcome to try, cilrag10000 on ps4 :)

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  Blackadder337  , and   Jansens-84, I will try adding you for missions, have a fairly new charterer on ps4 but made lots of money with my crew already so have access to vehicles. During the weekend we might be able to sign in at the same time despite time zone difference.

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We're luckily both setup for apartments and vehicles. Its good fellow players we're lacking ;)   But we've had a few responses so far so hopefully we get that resolved too :)

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I'm up for that too, heists, missions anything, PS4 as well, if you want my PSN ID then inbox me here for it 

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On 2/13/2019 at 2:56 PM, KatrinaUK said:

katrinauk is my psn! I am a clean player who is up for playing with friendly users!

Could I add you on PSN for heists? 

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Urban Legends

Lookin to wrap up the Pacific Standard Heist starting in 1 hour. 2 setups and the finale pays everyone 25% currently with possibility of more. I'll check back here for gamertages... 

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 I know NEW method to save Heli and car. I'm a Filler only. I have a mic. If you play on hard with saved heavy combat gear, add me with the subject "Heist": ALLWORLD19

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Hello all.


I may be a day or two late on this one but I am just  now really getting into the game. I tried a few lobbies and immediately upon spawn was essentially exploded every single time. There really is no point in trying to play when it is like that when one is a very low level or new player. Suffice to to say it did not take me long to figure out the MTU trick. Now for all my specs:


1. I do not know If I play on hard or what. I inserted the disc, installed it and started the game. Here I sit today.

2. I'm 46 years old and have a major issue with screaming kids and an even bigger issue with screaming adults living in their moms basement hollering for the "Meatloaf".

3. I tend to solo everything but the grind is just getting to be to much.

4. I do have everything the Criminal Empire pack gives + a Mobile Command Unit. So I do have a few dollars and some junk cars. I'm not rich.

5. I play a LOT. I am all but disabled and do not currently work. When I get done doing daily activities I play this game (Or RDR 2).

6. I am only Rank 28 I believe.

7. I do punch the occasional person in the face for laughs but I do not rage and go on shooting sprees. I take missions and heists serious.


So Long story short, I as I sit, I do have a few fancy things but in no shape to really use them as far as I can tell at this time (any advice anyone?) So for now would love to hook up with some mature players that need some work done or can help do a little work maybe. I do have a mic and I know how to mute it when my wife talks to me and when my 3 dogs get fired up. I know good and well no one wants to hear what is happening in my house. 🙂


I'm just tired of trying match making in random Over ran modded servers with hackers that steal IP's and Ddos attack others. I am not all about that. I just want to enjoy the game as it was meant to be. Any others? Inbox me.


Take care all!


Oh and P.S. I do not think I am the best player in the world nor do I believe I am really good. I just give it a try and have fun doing it. I am just a newbie.

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I'm Lvl 123 currently and would love to do some heists with people who like to actually finish them successfully.

Laughs appreciated 8-)


The only problem is, I'm in Europe. I'm playing from 10 pm to 2 am GMT/UTC, a bit later on weekends.

That's 5 pm - 9 pm eastern time and 9 pm - 1 am western time.

social: teltow

psn: teltow_

Edited by teltow
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  My times are generally going to be anywhere form around 4 pm Central/Chicago time to around 6 am. I do break away on Thursdays for a live YouTube feed that I do with another person for a totally unrealated event. Tonight I most likely will not be around at all until good an late. Maybe after 1 am my time.


PS4 :Gunny7273

Social : Horse_Swindler69


As stated I am a low level and just figuring the game out. I am not good but I give it hell trying. 🙂  In Story Mode I am getting ready to hit the Unhittable bank and in Online I am doing Blown Up II over an over Solo and scoring around 12-15 k every 10 minutes give or take.

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I'm canadian, and play most times in late afternoon or nights. I'm level 603 and up to do some criminal mastermind stuff or just missions and races. Not really into griefing.

ID is Le-Renardeau

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