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Mini Chain Game (Ultimate Starter Save Creation)


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I had lost my starter save (accidentally deleted) and am in the process of making a new one when I had the idea of iinvolving anyone in the community who wants part of the fun!

utilising the Chain Game Starting Save lovingly created by OrionSR and several others in our Community,

please observe the same basic rules as in the standard Chain Game: no wasted or busted or cheating in the stats.also no Mods (see Chain Game Rules to clarify)

I've already Collected Katie and Michelle as Girlfriends, but not Barbara yet, because she always seems to call and lose progress when going to the safehouse in Mulholland or anywhere in Flint or Red County. ( so I leave her til the Desert opens up; or until Burning Desire is completed to collect her AP Police Ranger)  

Keep the Two-timing Scripts Active, but feel free to attemp collecting either of their AP cars (if you don't know about this, it's best to just leave the girlfriends alone)

Preserve the opening Dialoge ("Grove Street...Home, at least it was before I F'd everything up")

Obviously this means Do NOt do a Story Mission

8-Track, BMX, Taxi, Paramedic, Vigilante, and Pimping are completed already

I also already collected all the Gang Tags, Oysters, Horseshoes and Snapshots

Bike School is completed

Cycling Skill is Maxed

Gambling Skill is Maxed


Missions still available: 

Boat School in Bayside

San Fierro Stadium (Blood Ring)

Las Venturas Stadium (Kick Start)

Las Venturas Stadium (Dirt Track) 

San Fierro Courier (Hippy Shopper) ChasingCoyote

Las Venturas Courier (Burger Shot) ChasingCoyote

Chiliad Challenge (Scotch Bonnet Yellow Route) ChasingCoyote (1:52)

Chiliad Challenge (Birdseye Winder)

Chiliad Challenge (Cobra Run)

San Fierro (NRG Challenge) 

Any Video Game high Scores

If you choose to participate, Thank you and Have Fun!

here is the save file to current completion saved in the Jeffeson Safehouse


Post that you are taking a turn (edit when completed with new save file and note what missions you've completed and do not take a turn while another is doing one)

Edited by ChasingCoyote
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  • This Starter Save is Completed.

some information on this save: it uses the starting save created by OrionSR for the Chain Game created by JAJ. (see the chain game page to see what is changed for this save) [all good things]

  • No cheats, Trainers, or save editors were used to make this Starter Save and there is 0 times Cheated, and 0 times Wasted and 0 times Busted in the Stats.
  • all vehicle side missions are completed: (Paramedic (58 people saved),Firefighter (78 fires extinguished, Vigilante (78 criminals killed), Taxi, Pimping, as well as Burglary)
  • So, Cj has extra health, extra armor, is Fireproof, has unlimited sprinting, all Taxis have nitro, and all the prostitutes now pay Carl for relations with them.  
  • All challenges are completed: Los Santos: BMX, San Fierro: NRG-500, and Mount Chiliad: Chiliad Challenge (All 3 routes: Scotch Bonnet Yellow, Birdseye Winder, and Cobra Run)
  • Beat the Cock Triathon Challenges (Not required for 100% completion) can be completed when the desert becomes available. (not available at the start of the game)
  • 6 unique stunt jumps (not required for 100% completion)are completed 
  • All Courier Asset Missions are completed (Los Santos (Robois),San Fierro (Hippy Shopper), and Las Venturas (Burger Shot)
  • All Street Races are won in All 3 cities (with the exception of: the 3 races that will be done in story-line, as well as 2 races in San Fierro that proved impossible for me to win with a 4-star wanted level (San Fierro Fastlane and San Fierro Hills); also the Las Venturas Airport races are left undone (recommended to only do the story line races as the story progresses so as not to glitch the game)
  • 2 girlfriends are aquired in San Fierro, so it will be safe to date Denise after Burning Desire mission while keeping Two-timing Script enabled. ( I did not meet Barbara, for the sole reason that she calls while at Mulholland safehouse or anywhere outside of Los Santos, thus losing progress with her)
  • Because Bike school and Boat Schools are completed (with all gold certificates) a PCJ-600 spawns in Ganton Cul-De-Sac, and a Packer spawns at Mulholland Safehouse (for easy storage on that garage roof). And, a BF-400 will spawn at the Verona Beach Safehouse.
  • All the gang tags in Los Santos, all the oysters in all of San Andreas, all the Horseshoes in Las Venturas and all the snapshots in San Fierro have been collected ( so weapons spawn in Ganton Johson House, San Fierro Doherty Garage, and Las Venturas Four Dragons Casino. Also you are appealing to all girlfriends no matter your physical appearance, or stylish the ride)
  • All the Stadium Missions are completed: Los Santos (8-Track) San  Fierro (Blood Ring, 1 min 0cars destroyed) Las Venturas (Dirt Track, and Kickstart)
  • All the Gym Moves have been learned in Los Santos (Boxing) San Fierro (Kung Fu,  Current fighting style) and Las Venturas (Muay Thai Kickboxing)
  • All the safehouses Available in Los Santos have all been purchased
  • The opening dialogue when CJ first gets close to his Moms House is preserved : (Grove Street...Home...at least it was before I f'd everything up...")
  • Bike skill is maxed
  • Cycling skill is maxed
  • Body Muscle is maxed (fat is minimal)
  • lung capacity is maxed
  • Cash is maxed out (nearly) to $999,999,998 (I bought some food, sorry)
  • Gambling Skill is maxed to Whale level (you can borrow up to $1M from Casinos, but with cash maxed out you'll never need to)
  • I hope you enjoy playing from this save as much as I've enjoyed making it. 

this savefile has permanent status granted by Samutz at GTAsnp.com and will not expire in 30 days (never)



Edited by ChasingCoyote
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  • 3 years later...

I want to know what glitvhes happen if you complete the races early.

Edited by bryandouradoo9
To know what glitches happen when you complete races early
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  • 2 months later...

Nice, but you can actually create a starter save game even with Valet Parking, Trucking (4 missions only), Quarry, Freight Train Sub-Mission, Driving, Flying (exept the last tests), Ammu-Nation Pistol and Micro SMG challenges and Beat the Cock Triathon completed too! Not only with LS, SF, LV race tournaments, LV airport races, Boat, Bike schools. Of course that requires a few certain CLEO scripts. I even have uploaded some videos:


Valet Parking






Freight Train Sub-Mission


Flying School tests


More videos will be uploaded soon.

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