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How to fix this glitch

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Greetings guys , in snapshot 3.1 , when I used to enter Donald Love castle the one Toni protects him near it from the Colombians , after I enter it , I can't exist it , i know you guys fixed this in the other patches , but I can't download the other patches ,. I don't have space , is it possible to fix this by a certain Method 

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This is a complicated topic. You are out of luck if you can't acquire something that can solve your storage space issues.


Are you unable to solve your storage issues with a flash drive? If you buy a flash drive with several gigabytes of free space (at least 32GB in terms of anticipating potential future updates), you could try to store your game in it. Among the links for this mod in the official discussion thread, a cracked exe is provided. (Although those things are banned in this website, this mod is an exception.) This eliminates the need for a CD.


This mod is full of glitches and questionable design choices that are yet to be resolved. There is a thread for reporting bugs but none of the bugs that I reported were fixed. This shows how busy the developers are on the biggest GTA San Andreas mod ever made. As an example of the many things that still haven't been fixed, the interior of the Ocean Drive Hotel lacks a solid floor and the VC Oceanic still has inverted paintjobs.


As you might know, due to the weekly release of updates, Snapshot 3.4 seemed like it would come out in November 2018. The guy in charge, dkluin, had been thinking of quitting, but he fortunatley looked at how meaningful he was to others and continued on the project. Due to all of the work that was still needed, Snapshot 3.3.10 was released in order to fill the gap between 3.3.9 and 3.4. We are currently waiting for 3.4 since dkluin has decided to not even bother making He has not reported any progress for over a day and the last progress involved vehicles.

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Thank you :) , i think the flash is a good idea

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