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Vamos/Enus Arena War Variant?


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Sorry if this topic has been covered before, I only had just made an account. Specifically to talk about what I found on the Wiki for the Declasse Vamos lol. Down in the trivia section of the GTA online Fandom Wiki, it states that there actually was supposed to be an Arena War variant for the vehicle along with the Enus ((presumably the Cognoscenti, but the article didn't specify)). Apparently it's been cut unfortunately ):


Doesn't anyone else wanna weaponize more vehicles? Personally, I was really hoping that the Vamos at least would be put in, as it could kinda serve as a Mad Max Monaro stand-in lol. It would literally be the perfect car for it. Also, some other cars could certainly use the Arena War treatment, some are even begging it! Some of the ones I can think of are;


- Coquette Classic

- Declasse Tornado

- Imponte Duke (not the armored version)

- Elegy Retro

- Jester Classic

- Vamos


And there's definitely more that could be listed. What do you guys think?

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Why the elegy retro and the jester? Doesnt make much sense turning expensive cars into running pieces of trash that fight one against the other until death. All the arena cars are cheap, not like in game cheap but they are all cars that in real life doesnt worth much. We have an impala, mustang, 350z, ford falcon, all of them you can get for 10k, but a supra is worth about 80k nowadays. 

The tornado and the vamos are good contenders but we already have too many tornados, the dukes we already have the odeath and the coquette classic is also too expensive. 

My ideas to new arena cars: 

-stanier (similar to the zr380 only the basic stuff nothing too crazy, but it could be the first useful four door arena car, the bruiser is just trash) 

-dilettante (only for the fun, would be as useless as the issi) 

-stallion (is a gta icon and deserves some recognition in gtav)

-nightshade (the front of the nightshade is already in a V form so it could have like a conic style wedge that deals more damage than the others) 

More crazy ideas: an ice cream truck based on the boxville and a arena version of the dozer 

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Welcome to the forums. We have a topic specifically dedicated to vehicle wishlists pinned at the top of the section, this discussion would be preferable for that topic. 



Also yeah, forum members @WildBrick142 and @Fun 2 are responsible for the info on the cut arena wars variants.


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