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Grotti Vigilante

Bounty System for GTA Next?

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Grotti Vigilante

So I've had this idea for a while now, and I thought the forums would be a good place to share it since we all love GTA so much (if not, then what are you doing here?). But for a start, I've always loved the idea of bounty hunting in Red Dead Redemption and it's sequel, and I wondered for a while if such a concept could work for the next GTA game. Originally I didn't think it would work, but with the context of vigilantism being tolerated in the GTA Universe I think I have an idea for it. Basically, like GTA IV Most Wanted side-missions, you would either access a police computer or come across a wanted poster for a criminal. You would select to undertake this bounty, and things would proceed as normal until you get there. In GTA IV you had to kill these fugitives, but I think it would be nice if we changed it up a bit. Basically, if you want to earn extra money in your reward, bring the bounty back alive by shooting them with a stun gun (like in GTA V) and carry them to your car to put them in the boot/trunk. 


This would make a nice change from previous GTA games where you had to kill criminals as a vigilante, and I feel that it's a bit strange given that we don't even know what crimes have been committed. For all I know, that poor bugger I just blew up in his car only stole a loaf of bread to feed his children who are so malnourished that they would've eaten a live rat within the next four hours. So the option to capture them alive and earn extra money would be nice, but I also think that maybe we could add a bit of a twist with some fugitives. If you apprehend them and they have no backup, some of them may offer you the money you would get from their bounty if you let them live and run away. You could be given the option to haggle for more, settle for their price, or do neither and proceed to kill or capture the target. This wouldn't affect the outcome much, but it might help players feel less like do-gooders in a game world where we are chased by the law ourselves many times. If you choose to kill your targets though, you must take a picture on your phone to prove to the cops you've done it so you can retrieve your monetary award.


So with that in mind, it's basically a combination of GTA IV's most wanted system and Red Dead Redemption's bounty system. How ever way you choose to play it, the reward for completing all bounties is the Grotti Vigilante spawning in a certain location. After all, I feel that it's the perfect reward for literally being a vigilante, and I just want my favourite car to come back in the next GTA game. So with all this in mind, tell me what you think of my idea, and maybe suggest some of your own ideas in the process such as how you might do things differently and such. Let us try and keep things civil though. But anyway, tell us what you think of my idea, and thanks for taking the time to read it. 

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Brilliant idea. I actually thought of this before too Based on the movie "Midnight Run"(How awesome would it be if some other bounty hunters wanted to steal your target on your way back?). It could bring story materials to the table too. We could have a protagonist that actually starts as a bounty hunter and falls into some deep sh*t later. 


Bounty Hunting is very rare nowadays though and I think it would work better in the 80s-90s. It also requires a warrant in certain USA states. 

Edited by TheSantader25

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Grotti Vigilante
3 minutes ago, TheSantader25 said:

(How awesome would it be if some other bounty hunters wanted to steal your target on your way back?)

I almost forgot to add that part in! Having other bounty hunters steal your targets would liven things up a little too! 

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Great idea. Having a usable boot/trunk has been teased by Rockstar since San Andreas. 


Being able to stun and put peds in the boot/trunk like in Hitman has been missing for too long. The vigilante system from IV needs to return and this is a good addition 👍🏻.

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Not such a bad idea - either as side missions or a whole set of side missions that can be completed for some bonus. Stun using the taze gun, bringing fellons to justice.

Edited by Casualplaya

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