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Phantasmagoria (Santal)

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Posing as the National Guard, an elite squad of radical confederates, led by a bloodthirsty senator, start their crusade against the poor inhabitants of the Los Santos ghetto. Their mission is to discover new forms of genocide and remove the 'unneeded' populace of the city. To do that the squad's commander, Furberger, dwelves deep into his ultimate being, corrupted by hate. Can he come back? And would he need to?



Click here



- Made by Santal; translated by yours truly;

- Please don't forget to extract all contents of the archive (skins, soundtrack and scripts) in the respective folders;

- All missions are bug-free. If your game crashes or freezes, that is most likely due to factors outside of DYOM. In those cases just restart the game;

- Please leave feedback once you play the mission pack, it's very important for us.

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I just played the four missions (or rather watched them). It was like watching a very disturbing short film about what would happen if power fell in the hands of menacing, bloodthirsty, racist, heartless people. The cutscenes had been made very well, looking like the work of a professional film industry cinematographer. The slow-motion cutscenes, camera movement, etc, really helped with the mood that was set from the very first frame of the first mission. It was eye-opening, to say the least: very cold, very dystopian.


The soundtrack could have been paused during the dialogue in the first mission, as it was kind of distracting from the dialogue. The soundtrack for the remaining three missions was, however, 100% suitable. I loved the animations given to the different actors within the missions, especially the third and fourth missions. The antagonistic characters are created very realistically, being cruel and cunning in an authentic way.


However, I was though expecting gameplay of some form. I assumed that the fourth mission might have gameplay involving the player controlling Moses (due to the cutscenes having him positioned right in the middle; he also seemed like the 'leader' of the group of ghetto survivors, and he was also the first to suggest the idea of an escape), but was left heavily disappointed. The whole project was beautiful, but the fact that it lacks any gameplay at all left the story on a cliffhanger, with the player unable to ascertain what came of the poor gangsters facing this situation.


The character development was amazing, with Furberger coming to reflect on his action, and members of various gangs banding together for a unified cause: survival. With such a gripping and suspenseful plotline, the least Santal could have considered was to leave the player with some peace on what happens afterward to the characters. After playing the missions, I am left wanting more of this amazing spectacle. 


Please pass my opinion forward to Santal. Tell him he made an absolute masterpiece that's left me on the edge of my seat for more.


My rating for the missions. 10/10


Edited by RithRake24
Typo error fixed

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Much appreciated, man, the review is top-notch. I've passed your opinion to Santal, I think he'll be happy.

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Platinum Card

SatournFan, I think you personally know just how big of a fan I am of Santal's work and your translations. Personally this hit home for me, being from the south and seeing a lot of this in the country's past through movies and documentaries. Santal created a world that felt familiar but darker and grim. It was very realistic, having what seems to be a family man, give an order to wipe out a community. 


I played this the first time without the skin mods and then again with them. The character designed helped the theme and fit the narrative of the story that Santal wanted to tell. Furberger's a sociopath. Cold, menacing, almost emotionless. His squad of Saul, Marcus, and Warren (I think thats it?) compliment his demeanor and attitude. While I didn't get to play as any of the characters I was left satisfied being able to watch something beautiful but dark and twisted. I wanted to see a push back and there was a glimpse of it, but perhaps Santal left us guessing for a reason after the motel standoff.


I'll give this a 10/10. This was captivating. Send my regards to Santal. I hope to see more of your collaborations here soon. Thanks for sharing.

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