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Millie broke up with me, can I still progress in the game?


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Millie broke up with me, she was at 1%, then I went to pick the bitch up and then the hoe said something about CJ being too fat even though muscle was at 100%. Can I still progress in the game with Millie still alive, but not dating CJ? What do I do? Stupid me should’ve killed her from the first date.

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You can let her dump Carl even if your top priority is getting the keycard to progress the storyline.

Once Millie dumps you, Woozie will call you and then you can break into Millie's house to acquire the keycard.

Killing her or dating her are just other options.

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The Casino robbery is not required to finish the game.

Muscle can still have a FAT Carl.  They are not exclusive.

Try losing weight. At the GYM ride the Stationary Bike.

The only way to not lose Girlfriends  is to have all the Oysters. Then regardless of Carl's appearance they will all like him.


The Trick to getting the Key Card is to ONLY date Millie while wearing the GIMP Suit.  Two or at most Three dates wearing the GIMP suit will have her give you the key card.


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Don't worry about weight. Millie's preferences are so low it never makes a difference. She's decided to dump CJ so there's nothing to be done about it short of using trainers or mods to boost her stats a little. The comment about weight is just the available dialog.

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