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What are your idea on how the next GTA:Online should work?

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On 2/6/2019 at 5:52 PM, MostlyPonies said:

Red Dead Online might do the proximity based blips thing. GTA adopted the parley function from RDO, so maybe it'll change the blips if RDO changes it first and it goes over well.


Proximity blips might be a problem in some cases. It's hard enough keeping track of Oppressors even with a radar. Hiding their blips from others only benefits them.

Doesn't necessarily need to be proximity based, they could appear when in combat for a good 30 seconds and/or when we're wanted by police for example, and/or when in a vehicle with GPS, there's plenty of plausible ways to implement them. I'm just saying the currrent static blips keep the game repetitively toxic just to cater to one type of player. That and spawn distances make the game completely different than most shooters where finding the enemy means you saw or heard the enemy, not simply looking at the Pacman game going on at the bottom of the screen full of beautiful graphics.

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- Same radar, but inverted. meaning: the closer you get to someone, the more the blip dissappears. also no playernames and info above the head to prevent immediate tracking on eyesight.

- Keep it as real as possible, but not stuff that becomes boring. death from carcrashes and realistic carhandling for instance could be cool, having a girlfriend and a job: not so cool - rather pathetic.


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I don't see it happen that any of the common complaints get addressed. The way they run it now probably makes the most money. But I'd find it most important that there won't be any overpowered high cost vehicles/items such as rocket bikes, so that newer players will always have a chance against higher levels if they have enough skill. Also you should be able to make good progress through having fun, and not grinding. GTA is not the game for that. Make doing activities pay good money and xp. Don't make delivery boy the meta moneymaking. Save up for novelties while playing the actual game.

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