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Hi Die Bye (Recruitment)


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L137 UK player looking for 1 or 2 other high level players with discord to start a posse with on ps4, discord/mic is a must.

The main goal of the posse is to fight out numbered and use the map to our advantage, choke points, elevated ground etc.
I'v been playing solo since getting the game and really like to share the good times with like minded player(s).

My play style consists of open world pvp and taking on posses solo, I do pretty well in this situation. Also I like to kill everyone on sight, if they don't want to fight I'll move on to the next. Gotta keep that mini map border surrounded in red, its the best way to play.
love to break the monotony of pvp with hunting and story missions. I don't participate in Showdown since you can't pick the game mode, some are really bad.


EU players preferred as being in a similar time zone would be advantageous.


Send a discord friend request to fsociety#7932  if you're interested.




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Hey add me on psn 



we we are recruiting for our war posse 

i like your thinking and your style of play is very much like some of our members 

myself level 112 (legit) 

other members range from 40-125 


our objective is to stockpile resources and provision in preparation for posses/map wars over the weekends 


we grind missions so our supplies and funds are full 

as well as buckle achievements 


all use a mic all speak clear English 

a well rounded group of mature players 

29 is our youngest 

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Sounds just what im looking for buddy, but do you use discord? The fact PS mics are open all the time kinda puts me off using them. Mic manners is very important for me, nothing worse then coughing, sneezing, tvs, randoms talking.

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Found a new home with the "Soap Gang", great bunch of lads. Could a mod delete this post, I dont know how to, thx.

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