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How to fix banwaves.

Lemon [KK24sk8]

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Lemon [KK24sk8]

I won't make this long.

This is my 1st post, I only really created this account so I could say this.

GTA Online has a HUGE problem with hacks.

People get accused of cheating in money because of hackers.

You know, why not make the money bags pickupable with a hotkey?
Instead of just walking on them to get them to grab them, just make it so you have to walk on them and click E or something.
Can't be that hard, can it?

Now the problem is, more hackers would level up people to level... 9001? I forgot the max*

You could make it so the player can only level up one level at a time on freeplay and only level up 1+ levels at the end of missions.

Another problem; this is probably never going to be read by rockstar or the admins, people have probably suggested this, and, ofcourse, either this couldn't be fixed because of engine problems or because of... other reasons I don't know.

So this is it. The end. But also, why not upvote? You know, it would help this thread but... Eh.


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im sure adding a new mechanic to pick up money wont make a difference, i dont know how things go on pc, but if is anything like its on ps3, adding a hotkey to pickup money wont change nothing, i mean back in the day on ps3 i got modders that rained money on me but i also had modders that simply deposited the money into my bank 😂

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6 hours ago, Lemon [KK24sk8] said:

What do you mean?

Yeah I know that they can't change the structure, but...

But what? 
You're not really offering a solution here. 

Having every pickup blocked unless you press a button for it just wouldn't be feasible or realistic, let alone mightn't even be possible. I thought that there's a limit to how much money can be picked up in a short space of time too, resulting in a "transaction failed" screen. And as CarimboHanky said, there's other methods to use since then which (as an example) can even simply multiply Associate earnings and have them given every second rather than however long it's supposed to be.

Putting a cap on level-up would probably interfere with people doing playlists or low-rankers that legitimately rank up multiple times. There's possibly some checks they could do with that, but rank isn't really an issue to be honest - besides it hasn't been possible to change someone else's rank on PC for a little while.

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Hey Newbie, just so you know we've got a whole topic (in three parts) of Bitchin' and Moanin' about GTA, you sound like you'll love it.





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