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Fukaru Sport GT - Racing [Xbox 1]

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I hope I have this in the right section.  


I've had a group of drivers and players that I've driven with for a very long time and we had successful championship with titles and even cash card rewards.  We've been very serious and had no need to advertise for new members other than sharing our adventures. 

Time has passed and players have gone to college and onto other things and my pool of players is starting to dry up.  I'm hoping that you can rectify that.  


I'm looking for valuable players who are interested in true competition.  The kind of player that is a humble winner and an honorable loser, this come on in, you've found a home.  If you've come to pick on players or be childish then this isn't the group for you and I won't have any problem showing you the door, but if you want true competition beyond what the game can offer, or any other crew for that matter, then this is for you.  




I'm looking for players, primarily racers, for a new type of racing in GTA.  I host the following races:


Fukaru Sport GT

Atomic World Challenge

Pendulus 24 Hours

Sprunk One Cup (Hotring Racing)

Auto Duel (Arena Racing) 


I've also hosted the following "street racing" competitions: 

Los Santos Championship 

South Central Championship

GTA World Championship (includes GTA 4 and GTA 5 competition)


These also include creative events such as cars shows, drag races, you name it.  


I would also like a group we could have other stuff, such as playing Heists and Doomsday Heists and getting video grabs for them.  I would like to continue my Day in the Life of Merryweather video series.  


Events are covered and hosted on YouTube.  


Here's the coverage of the Fukaru Sport GT: 



Feel free to message me directly at vipprimo or PM me here.  

We will be setting up a facebook page and an IM group so we can better organize events.  


I appreciate your audience.  

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