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GTA3 Custom models

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To my surprise I couldn't find any posts that were helpful on this topic. I'm using Kam's scripts for 3DS Max, messing around with some stock models which were reasonably easy to edit and UV map with existing .txd files from R*. After a while a point was reached where I had to make models from scratch, and here I am... Tried various settings on the DFF IO panel and at this point I'm so confused that I can't even comprehend why models get exported the way they to - sometimes without textures but with UV maps and working .txd files, or they become a spiky mess (also without textures). Rendering them within 3DS Max is without any errors and textures do appear, I'm using a multi/sub-object materials with multiple textures mapped, then separated by Material ID's - I've figured this while editing a pre-existing model. There were times I got only 1 texture on my model in MEd. Of course, every time I try to actually play the game I get f*cked in the a** on the loading screen. I'm literally copying a pre-existing model in terms of setup... The last 5 hours have driven me absolutely crazy, constantly exporting, rebuilding, and failing to start the game.

Please, for the love of God, has anybody got any experience with Kam's scipts and custom models and textures????????

Which settings to use on the IO panel, how to get textures to work, and most importantly that the game actually runs with those.

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For one, I recommend that you use The Hero's Importer/Exporter which is newer and imports/exports properly (Kam's may have some prelighting issues).

Now, for your actual problem. If you can edit models, you can create your own. It is no different. And judging by the fact that you used MEd, I should assume you are making map objects. I'm pretty confident you mess up the materials. So, what I need from you is the version of 3ds Max you're using and some screenshots of your max scene showcasing the overall look of your model + the material editor window.

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