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Do you think heists will be part of GTA 6 from the start?

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I love the heists in GTA 5 and GTA Online, but I still remember how absurdly frustrating it was waiting and waiting for them to be available. I was so annoyed by this that I was actually surprised I could set that aside and enjoy them. Thankfully, that wait was worth it.


Matt Morgans at VGR (see below) seems to think that we’ll get heists at launch, but that they’ll probably start with a minimum and then add the rest post-launch, maybe on a more regular schedule (let’s hope so).


This makes sense to me. What do you guys think?


Source: https://www.vgr.com/when-releases-gta-6-feature-heists-launch/

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Good kid

If heists will be available from the start and will be mıre than that later,im sure the protagonist should be a proffesional thief just like michael or better,and it can look a little stupid because if we disn't see some missions before the heists,then we won't know why we're doin a heist and i can ridicliously stupid like i said,also im not sure rockstar will make use another bank robber as a protagonist because all players may not wanna play a bank robber's story again.

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Are you talking about online or singleplayer? In singleplayer it really depends where they want to go with it. If it's an unlimited activity or do we get 1 big heist in the story or maybe multiple heists in the story like V. I'd really like it to be an unlimited side activity with smaller scale heists, and large heists with of course some story heists thrown in. Something simple could be just robbing the bank yourself if they add interiors this time show up to the bank take out your gun and rob that motherf*cker whether you're successful or not depends on you. 


Another way would be by meeting others at bars, night clubs, or fast food restaurants. Maybe you're at a bar and hear of a job going down so you decide to join in. Now for these jobs you aren't planning anything they'll automatically give you a role and all you have to do is that specific role be it the gunman, or getaway driver think Niko's role in three leaf clover or how McCauley recruited Breeden in Heat.



You could also plan them. After a certain point in the story with the contacts the protagonist has gained. It'd work a lot like V they'd just have to pick like 5-10 places we could choose to rob.


Now heists in online well that depends how it launches and on R*'s vision for online in the next game. I just hope that we could do the setup missions by ourselves or allow us to hire NPCs who will die quickly and suck but would help in the event when you don't have enough people. I also hope they don't make us buy an apartment just to do heists I understand microtransactions and all that but like Trevor wrote his plans on his wall we don't need some high tech advanced planning room it's not that hard dumb maybe but still.

Edited by Zello

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I think heists will be a part of SP. Online... who knows? AFAIK, online modes for last two R* games were lackluster at launch, so who knows.

Anyway, back to the interesting part: SP. I pesonally hope for more fleshed-out heist system, in GTA V it looks like there's a lot of detail but there's ultimately not enough heist material for all of those details come into play; so I hope for more side-mission heists, personally I'm not sure Heists should be such an integral part of the story in the next GTA. There should be at least one, that's for sure; maybe even two: one small-scale that introduces the player to the ability to do heists - and unlocks it as a side activity; and one grand heist similar to those featured in the previous games or even bigger, with a huge payout, but not repeatable.

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Outlaw from the West

Don’t think they’ll focus on heists. That was the major plot line of GTA V, to pull off elaborate heists, I don’t think they’ll put in more than 1 (there’s usually always 1 big robbery mission in every GTA since Vice City)

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Heists were a fun part of V, but how about additionally bringing back the Burglary missions from SA? Less planning, more stealth.

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