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*~The Born Brothers Gang~* (Xbox)


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For those who have never heard of us before, we are The Born Brothers. We are not a clan nor are we just a posse, we are a well established brotherhood which originates from a group of people who have known each other for years in real life and Xbox who truly consider each other Brothers. Who have also led a successful movement in the Red Dead Redemption world during the first game.


In Red Dead Redemption 2, you will see us riding together, patrolling the wild lands of the American West. We are a respectful posse led by Native Americans (in game characters). We never shoot at others unless we are shot at first or sense real hostility. We are a skillful gang that never uses auto-aim and even helps non-allied players at times. While we are friendly towards others, players who cross or disrespect us will always be met with a relentless justice.


Together we: Hunt, Take stranger missions, Do gang hideouts, Occasional posse wars, and many more activities which involve the whole crew. (Meetings, story missions, promotional ceremonies, fight clubs, light role playing, and much more).

We are in search of like-minded dedicated players interested in earning a place among our ranks who value Honor, Integrity, skill, and are looking to expand their experience within the Red Dead World beyond what the game has to offer.

Visit us on our Website for more info: thebornbrothers.com 




We have a unique ranking structure derived from our ranks in the first game, adapted for a broader reach that fits with any character type that joins us, because although we're a crew led by Native characters we are open to everyone who is embracing the new lands and way of life. Those who do wish to be a part of the Brotherhood will be placed in our Prospect rank and will undergo a trial period where they will show whether or they are a good fit and decide if this is the crew they have been looking for. Once proving you are a capable warrior with honor and skill you will then become an Official Born Brother/Sister who will earn our lowest but highly regarded rank of Pathfinder where you will be given the opportunity to be more involved with the gang and achieve higher ranks. In time, you may gain the power to start recruiting like-minded individuals, create and develop an immersive backstory for your character where it would be displayed on the website for all to see (under the About Us page), create War Stories regarding events, battles and interactions within the Red Dead world which will also be displayed on the website, and to choose a specialized division amongst our ranks that matches your combat tactics and playstyle under a specified Warchief (Regardless everyone should be able to fight with all styles). Other responsibilities and roles can include: scout, escort, driver, assassin, supply runner, hunter, messenger, and more.

Below are a couple of our ranks and their descriptions that fully captivate your growth, level of commitment, and loyalty you have shown in the Born Brothers Gang.         




MUST PLAY ON FREE AIM or willing to adapt a Free Aim skillset. We mainly play on Defensive Mode.


Have a functioning Mic.


Be in any of the USA/Canada time zones.


Be Active.


17+ years of age. (exceptions will be made based on maturity)



(requirements may be updated or changed entirely at any time).


As stated above for those who are interested in Becoming a part of something greater than PvPing, grinding, being a lonewolf  upon full release or a part of a Brotherhood in the Red Dead world beyond the features presented as well as other games then feel free to either Message me directly on the forums via messages or on this thread of recruitment otherwise you can go and click on the actual Posse page on these forums: The Born Brothers Gang and request to join, we would contact you shortly after.

Also you could add any of the following people of the High Council: Born A Beast (Chieftain), Born Defiant (The Praetor), Born Homicidal (The Commissar), Born Vigorous (Warchief) via Xbox to get more information as well as the opportunity to become a brother or sister.


Go forth in glory and may we see you on Red Dead!



(Rules and an Application may be added in the near future).

Edited by Born_Homicidal
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Red Dead Roleplay

Looks and sounds pretty cool! You've added light Roleplay to the list of activities you guys get up to, have you found a server yet? We'd be very interested to talk to you.

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We are currently Open for recruitment, feel free to reach out if you are interested.

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