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My 3 missions

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I kind of feel bad that no one's given you their opinion yet, and I'd like to be the first. Since I gave you the review of your first mission in your previous topic, here goes my opinions on the sequels.


"The Escape" was a very short and sweet mission with minimal gameplay, but the uniqueness of the gameplay portion meant that I quite enjoyed it. However, there's a bit of a problem with continuity: No attempt is made to explain how he ended up in the Ballas HQ. Looking back at the positives, however, I liked the positioning of actors, and liked that animation of a Balla guy harming a Grove Street member.


To be honest, in the dialogue scene between the protagonist and the other police officer (the one whose son died in Mission 1), the cutscene positioning wasn't very aesthetically pleasing. Having a cutscene camera right beside two actors having a conversation can confuse the viewer. When filming a dialogue you need to consider using a cutscene angle similar to the camera angle below:



Still taken from Mission 4 of my MP What Pain Means


This way, it's always clear who's talking, and the angle just overall looks better in my opinion.


The third mission was quite fun to play, and it reminded me of the "Reuniting the Families" mission from the original GTA:SA storyline. I've nothing much to say about the third mission.


Keep it up! I'll wait for more of your future work.


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Thanks for your positives and critics I will try to improve :))

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15 hours ago, pepi8 said:

Thanks for your positives and critics I will try to improve :))

Always happy to help!

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