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Police and Civilian/Life Role-Play (Xbox One)

Recommended Posts


All information is on the PDLSRP clan website at: http://pdlsrp.weebly.com/

Current AOP: Blaine County


Recruitment Status

          Police: OPEN

          Civilian: OPEN





PDLSRP is a Roleplay community based on the Xbox One that covers all important aspects of everyday life.
We are a well-established, mature and friendly community that has been active since 2013. If you are looking for an in-depth, lifelike representation of life in San Andreas, we can offer it to you.
The two divisions in our Roleplays are as follows:


Law Enforcement


Law Enforcement is made up of 5 divisions all with specific roles:

-ERU - Subdivision of patrol
-S.W.A.T (Special Weapons and Tactics)
-Air Support
-S.D.U (Special Detective Unit)

Becoming an officer involves a two phase training course teaching the essential skills needed to be a police officer in the state. The department is fully responsible for the policing and security of the San Andreas area. More info on the police is available on our website. In our group the police life is just a job! ALL officers lead civilian lives and get time off for leisure! Just remember you are out there representing the department so don't do anything the chief wouldn't do!





As a civilian you will start off with a small amount of cash, while interacting with other players to create connections or enemies. During your second Roleplay, you will be able to apply for your first job. This job will be entry-level and will fund your lifestyle in San Andreas.
You then have the choice to lead any life you wish as long as it's not too dramatic and fits within your own character's motives. You're interested in becoming a Park Ranger? Better keep your criminal record clean, long haul trucker? It'll be possible if you hold a valid driving license and no felonies or how about running for Mayor? These are all possibilities depending on how who you end up Roleplaying as.


Here are a few tools which help us add realism and structure to the Roleplay. These include:

- Bank of Los Santos: A working bank that tracks payments between businesses and other players.
- Discord: We give you both the option to talk in party and type in-character on a messaging service called Discord.
- Civilian and Police database: A detailed database of anything from jobs, licenses and vehicles to insurance, salaries, addresses and criminal records.

There is a lot more information about civilians on our Discord server and website, if you would like to know more.



You must have a working headset.
You MUST be 16 or older for Police.
You MUST be 16 or older for Civilian.
Own GTA 5 on Xbox One.
Must have have access to a app store or laptop.



How Can You Join?


To join PDLSRP as a Police Officer or Civilian go here: http://pdlsrp.weebly.com/


Got a question? Join our discord and ask our helpful admin team: https://discord.gg/


Please don't try to apply using this thread

Thanks and make sure to visit our website!

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Uncle Sikee Atric

Hi there.


You need to add your Social Club Crew link to your OP, as per the Recruitment Forum Rules.



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