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RockStar Games Promotes Bullying.

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I am tired of seeing some 12 year old kid running about griefing other players, laughing and giggling about like it’s some big funny game at the other persons exspense.


This is why the game is rated M for “Mature”

as it takes a mature adult not to be a complete dipsh*t towards other people and think it’s hilarious.


Dont get me wrong, I’ve seen plenty adults choose to also be this way.. that in it’s self is it’s own separate issue, RockStar Games does not enforce the very own rules they created, and it shows more and more every day.


They do not care if some clueless parent allows for a young child to play this game. The reality of it is, Most parents don’t do the research to ensure their child is playing an age appropriate game. Most parents assume that because it’s a fictional game that it is fine and all is well, meanwhile they have not a clue of the havoc their own child is creating in that online game.. 


Seriously RockStar.. all the f*cking kids need to be banned off your game, I’ve reported so many children for playing this game and they just get right back on it the following day and offend someone else, it’s not funny when you have some pest following you and screaming at you with their squeaky little voice saying they are going to rape you and calling you a slut.. they chase me all around the map, ropping me off my horse.. hogtieing me.. killing my horses, stealing my dead animals while I’d hunt.. Screwing with my stranger missions.. I eventually had to block the lot of them as they’d just join my game and keep on harassing me!!! I blocked him and his little buddies, and switched to playing on appear offline. So that way i could no longer be harassed by immature young little boys. They call you all sorts of dirty filthy things no young child SHOULD EVER be saying!! It’s sickening. You can tell they are young boys.. just by the pitch of the voices.. not to mention any rational adult would understand the consequences of saying they want to rape someone “just as a joke” .. I know full well those boys didn’t even understand the words that were coming from their own mouths.. it’s sad.


This game Promotes Bullying.


Something has gotta give.. and someone

better start giving a sh*t soon.

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