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Big Fat Paulie

Grand Theft Auto VI: The Family Secrets

Recommended Posts

Big Fat Paulie

Coming soon to a grindhouse theater near you....


This ain't your daddy's GTA....


Grand Theft Auto VI

The Family Secrets


A Concept Thread by Big Fat Paulie


Directed by Quentin Tarantino, in collaboration with Tetsuya Nomura


Screenplay by Sam Houser and Dan Houser with Kouta Hirano and Rei Hiroe


Presented by Anime 18 and Shaw Brothers Studio


Dub Translation by Manga Entertainment in collaboration with Rockstar North


This is the ultra-violent, fanservice-laden anime-styled martial arts mafia thriller they warned you about!


Grand Theft Auto VI contains graphic content and is rated AO by an all-hipster jury!


Viewer discretion is STRONGLY advised! GTA VI is brutal anime action, not for the easily offended!




Main Theme Song/Trailer Song 1



Trailer Song 2



End Credits Music (Darien's Story)



End Credits Music (Levi's Story)


End Credits Music (Cody's Story)



It's the go-go years of the 1990's and times are rapidly changing. New technologies are on the rise and the ways of old that served the Mafia so well way back in the day are going away. These truly are the times that try men's souls, especially if you're a gangster trying to make a name for himself in the criminal underworld.


In the massive cities and suburban sprawl of the Northeastern United States, many criminal organizations are vying for a bigger slice of the pie, from street gangs to the old-school wiseguys of the Italian Mafia and to say nothing of newer organizations from Russia, Latin America, and East Asia. This is the era that will make or break a mobster, and for a young up-and-coming associate of the Ancelotti Crime Family, this turbulent era in the history of organized crime may provide the perfect opportunity to make a name for himself and rise through the ranks of the old mob and become something truly memorable.


Grand Theft Auto VI: The Family Secrets is a new and expansive Grand Theft Auto game set in the twilight years of the Italian Mafia as a major powerhouse in American organized crime. 


GTA VI is a unique concept that combines a serious main story in the vein of Grand Theft Auto IV with the over-the-top gameplay and grindhouse pulp flair more reminiscent of the 3D Era games (particularly San Andreas and the newer DLC's for GTA Online)


Grand Theft Auto VI has a "Weirdness Filter", an option in the menu to disable the more unrealistic side elements of the game if the player so chooses.


Turning on the Weirdness Filter will remove myths, certain exotic wildlife, Seven-Star Wanted Levels, the Apotheosis side mission, and the martial arts tournament side mission on the save file it is activated on.


The timeline is specifically from the Spring of 1993 to the Winter of 2000/2001. To be more specific, the game's story begins in mid-March of 1993 and ends in late February 2001


It spans a large portion of the Northeastern United States, including three major cities such as Liberty City, Keystone City, and New Plymouth


Other important areas include Alderney, The CarrowaysLiberty State, and New Britannia


Some other notable landmarks include....


Statue of Happiness

Rotterdam Tower

Chesapeake City

Alderney Shore

Creepy Hollow

Happiness Hall

USS Bill of Rights

Red Dead Junction

Carroway Heights

Glendale Field

Old Church Bridge

The Witch's House

Oswald Correctional Facility

Fort Cox

Civilization Committee HQ

Poet's Lake

Hubris Comics


The game will have multiple protagonists that will be unlocked over time, but the main focus for now is a man named Darien Genovese, an ambitious and passionate thirty-year old associate of the Ancelotti Crime Family who is intent on remaining a good earner and hopefully becoming a made man. 


Other protagonists include Levi Kennedy, a badass Goth biker with a dark secret and Cody Gibson, a crooked cop out to protect his own interests as he attempts to influence the criminal undeworld via a mix of manipulation, guile, and brutal force.


In Grand Theft Auto VI, you can select which protagonist to play as at the start of the game. They do not need to be unlocked over the course of the story like in GTA V, nor are they confined to specific DLC episodes like in GTA IV.


Other features include a wide variety of weapons, safe houses, side missions, vehicles, wildlife, collectibles, empire building and racketeering, turf wars, several unique random NPC encounters, an impressive roster of radio stations, and several inter-connected storylines with multiple protagonists...


Gangs & Factions


Italian Mafia 

Ancelotti Family

Pavano Family

Lupisella Family

Messina Family

Gambetti Family

Pegorino Family

D'Aquila Family

Verona Family


Irish Mob

Irish-American Killers

Dante Mountain Gang

S&M Boys


Motorcycle Gangs

Angels of Death MC

Lost MC

Heathens MC


Eastern European Gangs

Petrovic Bratva

Faustin Bratva

Albanian Mob

Greek Mafia


African-American Gangs


North Holland Hustlers


Eastern Families Nation


Hispanic Gangs

Spanish Lords

Marabunta Grande 13

Los Muertes

Nuevo Paraiso Cartel

Northwood Dominican Drug Dealers


East Asian Gangs

Uchiha Yakuza Clan

Algonquin Triads

Purple Dragons

Midtown Gangsters

The Crazy 69


Other Gangs

Hillside Posse

Atlantic Guards

Clowny Freaks

New Plymouth Punks

Knight Lords

Merryweather Securities


Law Enforcement, Government, & Other Heroes

Liberty City Police Department

Keystone City Police Department

New Plymouth Police Department








Princess Tempura

Princess Robot Bubblegum

Sword Boy

Republican Space Rangers


The Highly Visible Ninja




A lot of fine weaponry can be found in the Northeast, here's some of the many instruments of destruction one can use in Grand Theft Auto VI.


Melee Weapons

Baseball Bat

Pocket Knife


Hunting Knife

War Fan


Twin Sai


Bo Staff

Brass Knuckles

Combat Knife


Grass Cutter Blade




Key Blade



Saturday Night Special

Pocket Pistol

Western Classic

Service Pistol

American Classic



Service Revolver

Hunting Revolver

Hand Cannon



Single Shotgun


Police Shotgun

Hunting Shotgun

Street Sweeper



Sporting Carbine

Brush Gun

Hunting Rifle

Sniper Rifle


Sub-Machine Guns

Micro SMG

Mini SMG

Tactical SMG

Carcer City Typewriter


Assault Rifles

Service Rifle

Chinese Service Rifle

European Service Rifle



Hand Crossbow

Hunting Bow

Hunting Crossbow




Frag Grenades


Heavy Weapons

Machine Gun

Grenade Launcher


Rocket Launcher


Vehicles and Transportation


You'll need a set of wheels to get around the vast expanses of the Northeast, and there are a lot of options in Grand Theft Auto VI.


All vehicles from Grand Theft Auto IVThe Lost and DamnedThe Ballad of Gay TonyGrand Theft Auto V, and all the DLC's of Grand Theft Auto Online are available in the game, as well as all the Horse breeds from Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption II.


In addition to all the previous vehicles and modes of transportation from the HD Era Grand Theft Auto games and Red Dead Redemption, more vehicles and transportation will be added.


GTA VI will include even more brand-new cars, motorcycles, aircraft, boats, rail transport, military vehicles, and even beasts of burden.

Edited by Big Fat Paulie
Added vehicles
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Big Fat Paulie

I apologize for the double-post, but here is the next big part of my concept thread, the radio stations!


Liberty Rock Radio 97.8 

Format: Classic Rock

DJ: Dee Snider


Thin Lizzy-The Boys Are Back In Town (1976)

Golden Earring-Radar Love (1973)

Dire Straits-Money For Nothing (1985)

The Who-Pinball Wizard (1969)

Steve Earle-Copperhead Road (1989)

Guns & Roses-Sweet Child O' Mine (1987)

The Rolling Stones-Miss You (1978)

Queen-Fat Bottomed Girls (1978)

AC/DC-You Shook Me All Night Long (1980)

Meat Loaf-Paradise By The Dashboard Light (1977)

KISS-I Was Made For Lovin' You (1979)

Twisted Sister-We're Not Gonna Take It (1984)

Creedence Clearwater Revival-Up Around The Bend (1970)

Black Sabbath-Iron Man (1970)

Alice Cooper-He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask) (1986)

Dokken-Dream Warriors (1987)

Lynyrd Skynyrd-Sweet Home Alabama (1974)

The Allman Brothers-Ramblin' Man (1973)

Iron Maiden-Wasted Years (1987)

Dio-Rainbow In The Dark (1986)


Pure Gold Oldies 92.1

Format: 1950's and 1960's Hits

DJ: Henry Winkler


Danny & The Juniors-At The Hop (1957)

Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers-Why Do Fools Fall In Love? (1956)

Dion-Runaround Sue (1961)

Bobby Day-Rockin' Robin (1958)

The Tokens-The Lion Sleeps Tonight (1961)

Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons-Walk Like A Man (1963)

The Archies-Sugar Sugar (1969)

The Beatles-I Want To Hold Your Hand (1963)

Simon & Garfunkel-Mrs. Robinson (1968)

Ritchie Valens-Donna (1958)

Gene Chandler-Duke of Earl (1962)

The Monotones-The Book of Love (1958)

Thurston Harris-Little Bitty Pretty One (1957)

Smokey Robinson & The Miracles-I Second That Emotion (1967)

Elvis Presley-In The Ghetto (1969)

Neil Sedaka-Next Door To An Angel (1962)

The Crests-Step By Step (1960)

The Crystals-Then He Kissed Me (1963)


K-Billy: Super Sounds of the 70's

Format: 1970's Hits

DJ: Quentin Tarantino


Edison Lighthouse-Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes (1970)

King Harvest-Dancing In The Moonlight (1972)

Don McLean-American Pie (1971)

ABBA-Waterloo (1974)

George Baker Selection-Little Green Bag (1970)

Stealers Wheel-Stuck In The Middle With You (1972)

Mungo Jerry-In The Summertime (1970)

Brewer & Shipley-One Toke Over The Line (1970)

Jim Croce-Bad Bad Leroy Brown (1973)

Frankie Valli-Grease (1978)

Clarence Carter-Patches (1970)

Curtis Mayfield-Pusher Man (1972)

The Bee Gees-Jive Talkin' (1975)

Isaac Hayes-Theme From Shaft (1971)

Climax Blues Band-Couldn't Get It Right (1976)

Ike & Tina Turner-Proud Mary (1971)

Pink Floyd-Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 (1979)

Bobby Womack-Across 110th Street (1972)

Elton John-Philadelphia Freedom (1974)

The Steve Miller Band-The Joker (1973)


Vice City FM

Format: 1980's Hits

DJ: Phil Collins


Huey Lewis & The News-The Power of Love (1985)

Michael Jackson-Rock With You (1980)

Wham!-Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go (1984)

a-ha-Take On Me (1985)

Billy Joel-We Didn't Start The Fire (1989)

Survivor-Eye of the Tiger (1982)

Bon Jovi-Living On A Prayer (1986)

Soft Cell-Tainted Love (1981)

Dead Or Alive-You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (1985)

Bonnie Tyler-Holding Out For A Hero (1984)

The Bangles-Walk Like An Egyptian (1985)

Masamichi Amano-Campus Theme (1987)

Fine Young Cannibals-She Drives Me Crazy (1988)

Cyndi Lauper-Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (1983)

J. Gelis Band-Centerfold (1982)

Blondie-Heart of Glass (1980)

Lipps Inc.-Funky Town (1980)

Men At Work-Down Under (1982)

Tears For Fears-Everybody Wants To Rule The World (1985)

Rick Astley-Never Gonna Give You Up (1987)

Journey-Don't Stop Believing (1981)


Lips 106

Format: 1990's Pop

DJ: Mandy Moore


Vanilla Ice-Ice Ice Baby (1990)

Ace of Base-The Sign (1993)

Seal-Kiss From A Rose (1994)

Nicki French-Total Eclipse Of The Heart (1995)

Madonna-Ray of Light (1997)

Chumbawamba-Tubthumping (1997)

Hanson-MMMBop (1997)

Backstreet Boys-Everybody (Backstreet's Back) (1997)

Barenaked Ladies-One Week (1998)

B*Witched-C'est La Vie (1998)

Cher-Believe (1998)

Semisonic-Closing Time (1998)

Vengaboys-Boom Boom Boom Boom (1999)

Smash Mouth-All Star (1999)

Eiffel 65-Blue (1999)

Atomic Kitten-Locomotion (2000)


Radio Broker

Format: 1990's Rock
DJ: Dave Grohl


Nirvana-Smells Like Teen Spirit (1991)

Metallica-Enter Sandman (1991)

Green Day-Basket Case (1994)

Beck-Loser (1993)

The Offspring-Pretty Fly For A White Guy (1998)

Marcy Playground-Sex & Candy (1997)

Deep Blue Something-Breakfast At Tiffany's (1995)

The Cranberries-Zombie (1994)

Rob Zombie-Dragula (1998)

Matchbox Twenty-Push (1996)

Goo Goo Dolls-Iris (1998)


Liberty City Hardcore

Format: Black Metal

DJ: Necrobutcher


Venom-Black Metal (1982)

Celtic Frost-Morbid Tales (1984)

Bathory-Necromansy (1984)

Mercyful Fate-Evil (1983)

Bulldozer-Whiskey Time (1985)

Sarcafago-Satanic Lust (1987)

Darkthrone-Transilvanian Hunger (1994)

Emperor-I Am The Black Wizards (1998)

Satyricon-Mother North (1996)

Thorns-Home (1991)

Burzum-Dunkelheit (1993)

Mayhem-Freezing Moon (1994)


Longhorn FM

Format: Country

DJ: Jeff Foxworthy


Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash-Jackson (1967)

Kenny Rogers-The Gambler (1978)

Dolly Parton-Jolene (1973)

The Charlie Daniels Band-The Devil Went Down To Georgia (1979)

Marty Robbins-Big Iron (1959)

Alabama-Mountain Music (1982)

The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band-Fishin' In The Dark (1987)

Randy Travis-Forever And Ever Amen (1987)

Montgomery Gentry-Hillbilly Shoes (1999)

The Statler Brothers-Flowers On The Wall (1966)

Johnny Horton-The Battle of New Orleans (1959)

George Strait-Ocean Front Property (1989)

Charley Pride-Kiss An Angel Good Mornin' (1971)

Merle Haggard-Old Man From The Mountain (1974)

Willie Nelson-My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys (1980)

Hank Williams Jr.-A Country Boy Can Survive (1982)

John Denver-Take Me Home, Country Roads (1971)

George Jones-Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes? (1985)


The Vault 108.5

Format: Classic Jazz, Swing
DJ: Seth MacFarlane


The Ames Brothers-My Bonnie Lassie (1955)

Dean Martin-That's Amore (1954)

Lou Monte-Lazy Mary (1958)

Cole Porter-Anything Goes (1934)

Glenn Miller-In The Mood (1940)

Benny Goodman-Sing Sing Sing (1937)

Bing Crosby-Irish Lullaby (1944)

Bobby Darin-Beyond The Sea (1960)

Bob Crosby & The Bobcats-Dear Hearts And Gentle People (1949)

Tex Beneke-I'm In Love With A Wonderful Guy (1949)

Yuji Ohno-Theme From Lupin III (1978)

Frank Sinatra-My Way (1969)


Radio Appalachia

Format: Bluegrass, Appalachian Traditional Music

DJ: Jesco White


The Stanley Brothers-Man Of Constant Sorrow (1950)

Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs-Foggy Mountain Breakdown (1949)

Grandpa Jones-Mountain Dew (1947)

Doc Watson-Handsome Molly (1962)

The Osborne Brothers-Rocky Top (1967)

Eric Weissberg & Steve Mandell-Dueling Banjos (1972)

The Dillards-Dooley (1963)

J.D. Crowe & The New South-Old Home Place (1975)

The Carter Family-Wildwood Flower (1928)

Harry McClintock-Big Rock Candy Mountain (1927)

Fiddlin' John Carson-Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane (1924)

John Prine-Paradise (1971)

Ralph Stanley-Rocky Island (1970)

The Simpsons-Cletus The Slack-Jawed Yokel (1996)

The Kossoy Sisters-I'll Fly Away (1956)


The Beat 102.7

Format: Hip-Hop

DJ: Mike D


Geto Boys-Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta (1992)

N.W.A-Straight Outta Compton (1988)

Coolio-Gangsta's Paradise (1996)

Beastie Boys-Hey Ladies (1989)

House of Pain-Jump Around (1992)

Run DMC-It's Tricky (1987)

Cypress Hill-Hits From The Bong (1993)

Bone Thugs N Harmony-1st Of Tha Month (1995)

Naughty By Nature-O.P.P (1991)

MC Hammer-U Can't Touch This (1990)

Puff Daddy-All About The Benjamins (1997)

2Pac-All Eyez On Me (2001)

Nelly-Ride Wit Me (2000)

Will Smith-Wild Wild West (1999)

Jay Z-Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem) (1998)


The Graveyard 99.9

Format: Gothic Rock

DJ: Mark Rein-Hagen


The Sisters of Mercy-This Corrosion (1987)

Bauhaus-Bela Lugosi's Dead (1979)

The Cult-She Sells Sanctuary (1985)

The Cure-Burn (1994)

Ministry-Everyday Is Halloween (1984)

Weird Al Yankovic-Germs (1999)

Joy Division-Shadowplay (1979)

Christian Death-Romeo's Distress (1982)

Siouxsie & The Banshees-Halloween (1982)

Paralysed Age-Bloodsucker 2000 (2000)


K109 The Studio

Format: Disco

DJ: Disco Inferno


Bee Gees-Stayin' Alive (1977)

ABBA-Dancing Queen (1976)

Chic-Good Times (1979)

Carl Douglas-Kung Fu Fighting (1974)

Boney M.-Rasputin (1978)

Dschinghis Khan-Moskau (1979)

Alicia Bridges-I Love The Nightlife (1978)

Meco-Star Wars (1977)

Van McCoy-The Hustle (1975)

The Hues Corporation-Rock The Boat (1974)

Donna Summer-I Feel Love (1977)

The Village People-Macho Man (1978)

The O'Jays-Love Train (1972)

Lydia-We Are One (Love Theme From Caligula) (1979)


Love Media Radio

Format: Songs from Disney Films

DJ: Sora (Voiced by Haley Joel Osment)


Mulan-I'll Make A Man Out Of You (1998)

Toy Story-You Got a Friend in Me (1995)

The Lion King-Hakuna Matata (1994)

The Little Mermaid-Under The Sea (1989)

The Jungle Book-The Bare Necessities (1967)

Beauty and the Beast-Be Our Guest (1991)

Pocahontas-Colors of the Wind (1995)

Hercules-Go The Distance (1997)

The Empire Strikes Back-The Imperial March (1980)

Whisper of the Heart-Country Roads (1995)

Snow White and The Seven Dwarves-Heigh Ho (1937)

Sleeping Beauty-Once Upon A Dream (1959)

Anastasia-Once Upon A December (1997)


Movies & Television


In addition to the radio stations, you can go to the theater and view movies. Each movie and TV show is a parody of an actual famous movie or show.


Some of the movies that can be seen in GTA VI include the following...




Knife After Dark

Red Dead Revolver

Mall of the Dead

Ernest Goes Postal

Steve Scott's Julius Caesar

Katana Orgy

Princess Robot Bubblegum: The Movie

Red Dead Redemption

The San Andreas Bigfoot Project


The Mainframe

The Republican Space Rangers Movie

Ratman & Pheasant

Celtic Rage

Bag Boys

Crazy Crazy Cowboys



In addition to films and radio, there are a variety of TV shows one can watch in Grand Theft Auto VI.


The Scary Door

That Show About Nothing

The Rockford Rednecks

Panty Railroad

Ratman: The Animated Series

Rock Bottom

Wrestling Takedown Federation

Warner Championship Wrestling

Outlaw Guro Wrestling

Adirondack Mountain Wrestling

Train Time

Family Dude

Area 53

Disco Fever

Princess Tempura: Cyberpunk Commando

The Sampsons

Future Drama

North Garden


Lust and Liberty City

Stony Lonesome

The Sports Jerk

The Legend of Arthur Morgan

Ulysses: The Mythical Quests

Sappho: Warrior of Lesbos

Ratman Retro

Tools Rush In

The Librettos


Next up are the characters of the story!

Edited by Big Fat Paulie
Added Love Media Radio
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Big Fat Paulie

Once again, I apologize for a triple-post, but I've waited long enough. Time to start posting the core characters of GTA VI.


Let's start with our first protagonist...


Darien Genovese

Voiced by Michael Franzese


A thirty-year old associate of the Ancelotti Family who is on the rise, Darien Genovese was born into a life in the Mob, and he has been devoted to La Cosa Nostra since he was a teenager.


Ambitious, intelligent, and at times reckless and passionate, Darien will do anything at all costs to remain being a top earner for the family and become a made man, but his sights don't stop there. Could he be destined for something greater? Or will his pride come before a fall?


Default Outfit: Black Tracksuit and Ray Ban Sunglasses

Default Vehicle: Albany Esperanto

Favorite Radio Stations: Pure Gold Oldies 92.1 and The Vault 108.5

Character Trailer Song


Giovanni Ancelotti

Voiced by Robert DeNiro


The venerable and well-respected Boss of the Ancelotti Family and Darien's chief role-model.


Gracie Ancelotti

Voiced by Rebecca Benhayon


The daughter of Old Man Ancelotti and a spoiled Mafia princess if there ever was one.


Frank Garone

Voiced by Tony Sirico


A newly-minted Capo of the Ancelotti Family and the head of the crew that Darien works for.


Anthony Spoleto

Voiced by Jon Seda


A soldier of the Ancelotti Family and Darien's direct superior. The earliest missions in the game will be given by him.


Rocco Pelosi

Voiced by Greg Siff


A fellow associate of the Spoleto Crew and one of Darien's partners-in-crime.


Andrew Harrison

Voiced by David Schwimmer


A young and promising attorney fresh out of law school, he is one of many lawyers on retainer for Old Man Ancelotti and as you climb the ranks of the Family, he can help clear the heat for you.



If Darien successfully completes the Apotheosis side mission, Andrew will become High Priest of his cult.


Jon Gravelli

Voiced by Madison Arnold


The Boss of the Gambetti Family and one of the most powerful crime lords in all of the Northeast, he could be either a good friend or a dangerous foe...


Kenny Petrovic

Voiced by Richard Pruitt


A powerful Russian crime lord newly established in Liberty City and a dire threat to the Five Families.


Anthony Prince

Voiced by David Kenner


An up-and-coming nightclub entrepreneur, Anthony "Gay Tony" Prince turns to the Ancelotti Family for a loan and for a brief time, Darien works for him as a bouncer.


Ricardo Valdez

Voiced by Luis Guzman


A high-ranking member of the Spanish Lords who has been disrespecting the Ancelotti Family and interfering with business. He is an early antagonist of the game.


Henry "Honky" Mercer

Voiced by Crispin Freeman


An Irish gangster from New Plymouth and leader of the feared Dante Mountain Gang, Henry Mercer is the undisputed kingpin of New Plymouth and arguably all of New Britannia. He has been under F.I.B surveillance for quite some time.


Nero D'Aqulia

Voiced by Joe Mantegna


The Boss of the D'Aquila Crime Family of New Britannia and the arch-rival of Henry Mercer and the Dante Mountain Gang, Nero is a long-time ally of the Ancelotti Family.


Sammy Bottino

Voiced by Robert Costanzo


Underboss of the Gambetti Family and a man of influence in his own right. But is he hiding something?


Mikhail Faustin

Voiced by Karel Roden


Another Russian mob boss in Broker and a rival to Kenny Petrovic, known for being very unstable and prone to extreme rage.


Dimitri Rascalov

Voiced by Moti Margolin


The right-hand man of Mikhail Faustin and a potential envoy to the Faustin Bratva. He can help out Darien against the Petrovics, for a price...


Dennis Falcone

Voiced by Rick Pasqualone


The District Attorney of Liberty City with a major hate-on for the Mafia and indeed organized crime in general, he has major political ambitions and is a thorn in the side to all of the Five Families.


Ron Spears

Voiced by Jason Alexander

A high-ranking judge in the Federal Circuit (despite being an illiterate alcoholic) and an ally of Dennis Falcone. He likes beer, in fact he still likes beer. And he could be a real threat to the Ancelottis, but maybe Darien could help "persuade" him to lay off of the Five Families and focus on those upstart Russians in Broker instead.....




Here is the second protagonist of our story....


Levi "Vampire" Kennedy

Voiced by Matt Mercer


A twenty-nine year old biker and Sergeant-At-Arms of the Heathens MC chapter based in The Carroways, nicknamed "Vampire" for his pale and sickly complexion.


He has been a friend of Darien since high school and is trying to help forge an alliance between the Ancelottis and Heathens.



Levi's sickly pale complexion comes from the fact that he is infected with tuberculosis. As the game's storyline continues, his physical stats will gradually decrease and he dies of natural causes at the end of his storyline.


He can avoid dying at the end of the main quest if he successfully completes the Apotheosis side quest


Default Outfit: Gray T-shirt, Vest with Club Colors, Black Leather Pants

Default Vehicle: Western Motorcycle Company Zombie

Favorite Radio Stations: Liberty City Hardcore and The Graveyard 99.9

Character Trailer Song


Melissa Walden

Voiced by Pauley Perrette


A twenty-one year old Goth chick and Levi Kennedy's girlfriend, Melissa is kind and sweet albeit physically delicate and mildly autistic. Levi will do anything to protect and take care of her, but will that mean turning his back on the Heathens MC?



After Levi dies at the end of the main storyline, Melissa effectively takes his place as the second main character alongside Darien and Cody. Her default vehicle and default radio stations are still the same as Levi's.


She is also secretly a field agent for Black Hand Thirteen.


If Levi successfully completes the Apotheosis side quest, Melissa will not become playable but instead become a High Priestess and a Prophet


Sonny Mills

Voiced by Travis Willingham


The National President of the Heathens MC based in Keystone City, Sonny Mills is a feared outlaw biker who is waging a war against the Angels of Death MC, the Clowny Freaks, the Albanian Mob, and the Ballas, and while he has the Lost MC and a small street gang called the Knight Lords on his side, has he bit off more than he can chew?


William "Wild Bill" Jones

Voiced by Henry Rollins


The Vice President of the Heathens MC, he helped bring the club into The Carroways after establishing several chapters in Liberty State and Alderney on behalf of the mother chapter in Keystone City. He is Levi's direct superior.


Jeff Lundgren

Voiced by Clancy Brown


An extremely violent career criminal and the leader of the Atlantic Guards within Liberty State, Levi must reluctantly work for him and commit murders on his behalf to secure the protection of the Atlantic Guards against the Ballas and Albanians while Levi is briefly incarcerated in the Oswald Correctional Facility. He also anonymously gives contract missions for Darien via a payphone.


Eddie Stilson

Voiced by Kim Coates


The President of the Angels of Death MC and the main enemy of Levi and the Heathens MC.




Last but not least, is our third protagonist in this story.


Cody Gibson

Voiced by Michael Chiklis


A highly corrupt senior detective in the Liberty City Police Department, Cody Gibson is out to clean up the streets, even if it means lining his pockets with stolen drug money, taking bribes, manipulating gangsters, and generally using excessive force.


Default Outfit: Black Leather Jacket, Gray T-Shirt, Blue Jeans, Sneakers

Default Vehicle: Imponte Phoenix

Favorite Radio Stations: Liberty Rock Radio 97.8 and Radio Broker

Character Trailer Song


Captain Spencer Ross

Voiced by Kurt Russell


The captain of the police precinct in Dukes where Cody works at. He doesn't like Cody's penchant for brutality and corruption, but begrudgingly turns a blind eye to it since Cody gets results. But how long will his patience last?


Paris "French" Wagner

Voiced by Jay Karnes


A skilled and intelligent, albeit socially awkward detective who really doesn't like Cody Gibson as a co-worker and looks down on his excessively violent methods.


Janet Gibson

Voiced by Stephanie Sheh 


Cody's long-suffering and devoted wife, and possibly the only person in the world that Cody is actually capable of feeling love and affection for. She is pregnant with his first child and is unaware of Cody's corrupt activities.



If Cody successfully completes the Apotheosis side quest, Janet will become his prophet and High Priestess


Steve Mullins

Voiced by Amanda C. Miller


A twenty-one year old rookie police officer in the LCPD fresh out of the academy and assigned to work as a partner for Cody Gibson. He is naive and innocent, but will he be corrupted by the influence of a loose-canon cop like Cody?


Imran Bratovitch

Voiced by Patrick Stewart


The leader of the Albanian Mob and a close ally of both Eddie Stilson and Kenny Petrovic. Cody has been trying to bring him down for years.


He is the main antagonist of Cody's story, much as how Eddie Stilson is to Levi's story and Kenny Petrovic is to Darien's.


Jackson "OG Jack" Robinson

Voiced by Anthony Anderson


The leader of the Ballas within Liberty City and Imran Bratovitch's main partner-in-crime. Currently he is locked up in the Oswald Correctional Facility, thanks to Cody's efforts. But he still is a thorn in the side of the protagonists, even though he is imprisoned.


Agent Matthew Grayson

Voiced by David Gallagher


A field agent of the mysterious government cabal known as Black Hand Thirteen, which is of higher authority and jurisdiction than either the FIB or the IAA, he is a friend in a high place, and he has a special interest in Cody and his work. For a corrupt bastard like Cody Gibson, Grayson's agency could be a one-way ticket to full legal immunity and even greater opportunities to abuse one's power and authority.



And with that, the characters are completed!

Edited by Big Fat Paulie
Finished the Character Roster
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Big Fat Paulie

I hate to make another post, but this is a new major update to the concept, and that is side-activities that are not criminal in nature, as well as Easter eggs such as myths.


From the back-alley betting parlors of Broker and Bohan to the glamorous casinos of Chesapeake City along the Alderney Coast, there are all sorts of gambling activities that Darien, Cody, and Levi can take part in as well as other types of games and toys, some of which are unique parodies of real-life games.




Texas Hold'em Poker

The One-Armed Bandit


New Britannia Lottery


Games & Toys




Army Men

Historical Wargaming

Model Railroading


The Game of Lent


Eels & Escalators

Wizards & Lizards

Red Dead Role-Playing Game

Toy Guns In The Backyard

Total Drama Vampire

Red Dead Reenactment

Don't Try This At Home


Video Gaming

Pogo The Monkey

Super Smackdown Turbo!

The Residents of Evil Creek

Tactical Hide & Go Seek

Sword Boy: The Game

You Only Move Twice

Grave Robber

Sunday Driver

Total Drama Vampire: Blood Ties

Dance Dance Insurrection


Other Activities

Red Dead Junction Theme Park

Medieval Millennium Fair

Cosplay (Guising)




Disco Dancing

Cruisin' For Waifus

Cruisin' For Husbandos

Mormon Hold 'Em

Christmas Caroling

Heavy Drinking


Books & Magazines

There are a wide variety of periodicals and public domain books that Cody, Darien, and Levi can read in the game. Some of the periodicals contain news and important in-game information relevant to missions. The books can be read in their entirety and many are esteemed literary classics.


Magazines & Newspapers

The Liberty Tree

The New Plymouth Planet

The Keystone Inquirer

Paramilitary Woo Weekly

Ninja Magazine

Reader's Interest

General Robotics

Rock Bottom Magazine



The Bible (King James Version)

Rig Veda

Plato's Republic


The Illiad

The Odyssey

The Aeneid

The Metamorphoses

The Book of Invasions


The City of God

Prose Edda

Poetic Edda

Myths & Legends of Japan

The Canterbury Tales

Le Morte d'Arthur

The Prince

Journey To The West

The Romance Of The Three Kingdoms

The Art of War

The Castle of Otranto


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Grimm's Fairy Tales

The Stories of Hans Christian Andersen

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos

Tales of Conan and The Hyborian Age

Leaves of Grass



The Hound of the Baskervilles

Oliver Twist

Jane Eyre

The Mysterious Island

Poor Richard's Almanac

Romeo and Juliet


A Midsummer's Night's Dream


The Winter's Tale

Treasure Island

The Collected Works of Edgar Allan Poe

The Wind In The Willows

Paradise Lost

The Count of Monte Cristo

The Three Musketeers

Les Miserables


Common Sense

The Last of the Mohicans

Uncle Tom's Cabin

Little Women

Gone With The Wind

The Old Man and the Sea

Don Quixote

The Divine Comedy



In addition to the safe houses you can get in the three cities, either through playing the main story or buying real estate, you can also start your own little homestead in the wilderness of places such as Liberty State, New Britannia, or the more rural parts of Alderney. 


After spending the right amount of money on the house in question, you can add all sorts of furniture, appliances, and decorations, and even do some cool stuff like farming, raising livestock, or even making moonshine!


Hunting, Fishing, & Foraging

There are a wide variety of flora and fauna in the Northeast that can be either photographed, fished, or hunted for food and sport.


Domestic Animals






Domesticated Turkey






Vermin & Small Game




Eastern Cottontail

Wood Rabbit

American Red Squirrel

Eastern Gray Squirrel


Eastern Racer Snake

Eastern Garter Snake

Common Porcupine




Blue Jay

Northern Cardinal

American Sparrow

American Robin


Game Fowl

Eastern Wild Turkey

Ring Neck Pheasant

Ruffed Grouse

Virginia Quail

Dodo Bird




Wood Duck

Canada Goose

Northern Pintail

Snow Goose




Scavenger Birds & Birds of Prey

Common Raven

American Crow

Turkey Vulture

Red-Tailed Hawk

Peregrine Falcon

Golden Eagle

Bald Eagle


Large Game

White-Tailed Deer

European Wild Boar

Razorback Boar

North American Elk





Red Fox




Mountain Lion

Common Alligator

Black Bear

Grizzly Bear


Freshwater Fish


Lake Trout

Wide-Mouthed Bass


Northern Pike


Marine Wildlife

Sea Bass

Atlantic Bluefin Tuna

Atlantic Cod

Atlantic Pollock

Great White Shark



Blue Whale

Colossal Squid




Jefferson's Sloth


Woolly Rhinoceros

Dire Wolf



Woolly Mammoth

Terror Bird


Haast's Eagle

Cave Bear














Tyrannosaurus Rex


Myths & Legends


The truth is out there....





The Beast of Alderney

Headless Horseman of Creepy Hollow

Mike Toreno's Ghost

Vault-Tec Experimental Vaults

Black Hand Thirteen 

The Mandela Effect

Executive Order 69

Y2K Bug

Morgan Merryweather's Ghost

Rip Van Winkle

The Necronomicon

New Britannia Witch Trials

Lake Monster

The Blackthorn Resort (Vault 76)

Black Helicopters

Lizard People

The New Plymouth Nationalists (I Misinterpreted The Rules!)

Epsilon Project

Adam First's Ghost

Count Dracula


Mary-Beth Maybell's Ghost


The Carroways Slasher


The Huntsman

The Prankster

Red Dead Junction Androids

The Nega-Verse

Phillip Michael's Ghost




"I'm Mr. White Christmas! I'm Mr. Snow!"

Alderney Quick Stop & RST Video (Those Two Guys)

We call that job The Widow Maker! (Or we would if any of the owners were married)

El Burro's Ghost


Civil War Soldiers

Sage's Ghost


Konstantinos Smith's Ghost

Celtic Tribals

Roman Legionnaires


Dan Sucho's Ghost


Jezz Torrent's Ghost

Knights Templar

The Black Circle


The Van Der Linde Treasure



The Precursors/Ancient Astronauts

Precursor Artifacts

Precursor Ruins

Planet X (Precursor Home World)

The Society of Leopold

The Stonecutters

Madd Dogg's Ghost

The Fair Folk

Dark Elves

The Novelist


The Cowboy

The Walkin' Dude


Donald Love's Ghost

Joey Leone's Ghost

Tarot Card Girl

Predictive Programming

Carlo Gambetti's Ghost

Digital Monsters

Project SATAN

Love Media Corporation

Jolly Roger Club

Paulie Sindacco Lives!

Where The Brave May Live Forever


Mini Games, Wildlife, and Myths are finished, next is criminal side missions and other features!




Edited by Big Fat Paulie
Added Homesteading
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I counted 69 songs I know in that list. Rockstar hire this guy.



But uh... Morgan Merryweather's ghost? He was alive as of 2001...




Edited by LeakyLine
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Big Fat Paulie
37 minutes ago, LeakyLine said:

I counted 69 songs I know in that list. Rockstar hire this guy.



But uh... Morgan Merryweather's ghost? He was alive as of 2001...


Morgan Merrryweather was alive in the 3D Era, while GTA VI is in the HD Era. 


I've taken some liberties and made minor 3D Era characters into the equivalents of historical figures in the HD Era's setting (such as Mike Toreno being J. Edgar Hoover, Sage as Janis Joplin, Donald Love as Walt Disney, etc.) and in this case, Morgan Merryweather is Liberace in the setting of the HD Era.


Each of the links for the ghosts of the 3D Era characters links to the Wikipedia article for their real-life equivalents in the HD Era.


For quick reference, here's the characters and their equivalents...


Darkel: Richard Ramirez (Darkel can break into your safehouse and try to kill you)

Curtly: D.B. Cooper (he even drops $1,000,000 if you find and kill him)

Mike Toreno: J. Edgar Hoover

Morgan Merryweather: Liberace

Adam First: David Bowie

Mary-Beth Maybell: Maybelle Carter

El Burro: John Holmes

Sage: Janis Joplin

Konstantinos Smith: Euronymous

Philip Michaels: Michael Jackson

Dan Sucho: Dale Earnhardt

Jezz Torrent: Ronnie James Dio

Madd Dogg: Tupac Shakur

Donald Love: Walt Disney

Joey Leone: James Dean

Paulie Sindacco: Elvis Presley


Yes, I know some of them were still technically alive in the game's timeline in real life.

Edited by Big Fat Paulie
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Alderney Quickstop clerk better go "I'm not even supposed to be here today."

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Big Fat Paulie
6 minutes ago, LeakyLine said:

Alderney Quickstop clerk better go "I'm not even supposed to be here today."


Oh, he most definitely will!


Also, in the Love Media Building, you can find a secret room that has Donald Love's body frozen in a cryogenic tank.

Edited by Big Fat Paulie
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Big Fat Paulie

Again, I am sorry for another double-post, but here is a new section for criminal side missions, martial arts, and in-character ability stats. This is going to be a long and major update post that will undergo a lot of updates.


Some key criminal missions will include assassination missions, heists, martial arts tournaments and fight clubs, and other activities separate from books and mini-games.


Martial Arts & Fight Clubs


Darien, Levi, and Cody can all improve their fighting abilities by training in different styles of martial arts from various sensei, each with their own advantages.


After Darien, Levi, or Cody has gained full proficiency in at least one martial arts style, they can participate in a series of deadly martial arts tournaments and fight clubs.


Martial Arts Schools


Wing Chun

Country of Origin: China

Sensei: Frank Dux



Country of Origin: South Korea

Sensei: Ashida Kim



Country of Origin: France

Sensei: Rusty Shackleford (Voiced by Johnny Hardwick)



Country of Origin: Soviet Union

Sensei: Ivan Drago (Voiced by Dolph Lundgren)



Country of Origin: Great Britain

Sensei: George Foreman



Country of Origin: Brazil

Sensei: Richard Simmons



Country of Origin: Japan

Sensei: George Dillman



Country of Origin: Ancient Greece

Sensei: Kurt Angle


Lucha Libre

Country of Origin: Mexico

Sensei: Texano Jr.



Country of Origin: India

Sensei: Diamond Dallas Page


Jeet Kune Do

Country of Origin: Hong Kong

Sensei: Bruce Lee (Voiced by Brian Donovan)


Mixed Martial Arts

Country of Origin; United States

Sensei: Michael "Venom" Page


Historical European Martial Arts

Country of Origin: Medieval Europe

Sensei: Sir Lancelot Du Lac (Voiced by Robbie Daymond)


West Virginia Bar Fighting

Country of Origin: United States

Sensei: Joe Rogan



Country of Origin: Japan

Sensei: Sasuke Uchiha (Voiced by Yuri Lowenthal)


Dim Mak

Country of Origin: Parts Unknown

Sensei: Count Dante (Voiced by Dave Wittenberg)


Precursor Martial Arts

Country of Origin: Planet Namek, Homeworld of The Tuatha De Danaan (Precursors)

Sensei: Son Goku (Voiced by Sean Schemmel)


The Underground Tournament


The protagonist who enters the fight club will be sparring against many deadly opponents such as Steven SeagalBork LaserItachiBill, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Vegeta, Ken Masters, Sub-Zero, Ric Flair, Ichigo Kurosaki, Goldberg, O-Ren Ishii, Buster Douglas, Secretariat, Robotic Richard Simmons, and from there, the finals...


The Finals are against the Five Deadliest Combatants: Tyler DurdenPai MeiGoroChuck Norris, and Orochimaru.


Contract Killings


At different points in the game, all three of the protagonists can work as a hitman and do covert assassination missions for extra cash.


Each mission has a unique bonus condition that will reward extra money if fulfilled.


First you'll get calls from an anonymous patron on your cell phone to call them on an outside payphone and from there, you'll be given details on your target.


Darien, Levi, and Cody all have different targets to take down and different benefactors who will assign them missions.


Drug Dealing


Darien, Levi, and even Cody have been known to sell drugs on the side (and rob drug dealers for their money and product), whether it be so Levi can afford his TB medication or so Cody can put a little extra money in the LCPD Retirement Fund.


Drug dealing can be done from low-level street deals to selling larger quantities to the different gangs in the Northeast, all the way to running your own operation in full. 


A lot of drugs come into the Northeast, mostly smuggled from major drug distribution centers such as Vice City and Nuevo Paraiso


Some of the product you can push in GTA VI include the following narcotics...






Angel Dust





(Only Darien can take part in this side mission)


Ever wanted to be the Mack Daddy of Liberty City? Well, now you can! But pimping ain't easy...


When playing as Darien, you can make money for the Ancelotti Family as a pimp


But to be a pimp, you need to look the part! First go to Perseus and buy at least $5000 in fine clothing (the gaudier the better), and as soon as you're decked out in finer threads than a Louisiana Dandy, you must then get yourself a Pimpmobile.


But not just any car can become a pimpmobile. 


You need a car that is automatic, systematic, and hydromatic!


To acquire a pimpmobile, buy a stock luxury sedan from one of the following high-end luxury vehicle brands: AlbanyDundrearyEmperorBenefactor, or Enus and take it to a garage for expensive modifications to transform your ride from simply being a fly set of wheels into being a real pussy wagon!


You need to have spent at least $50,000 worth of modifications for your car to be considered a true pimpmobile. The more money you spend on turning your luxury car into a pimpmobile, the more effective you'll be! 


Pimpmobile modifications include chrome, whitewall tires, tinted windows, hood ornaments, Super Fly headlights, spinner rims, bouncing hydraulics, vanity license plates, expensive paint jobs, under-glow lights, fuzzy dice, novelty horns, anime stickers, or even the ultimate pimpmobile accessory, a Flux Capacitator 


(A Flux Capacitator requires at least $500,000 to buy the 1.21 Gigawatts of weapons-grade Plutonium to make the modifcation work. Get that baby up to eighty-eight miles an hour and watch it do some serious sh*t!)


Now that you got a front, now it's time to recruit some pussy! Go down to places such as the Liberty City Port AuthorityStar JunctionFrancis International Airport, and the Alderney Boardwalk wearing your pimp gear and driving around in your pimpmobile to impress wide-eyed anime waifus and sparkly anime bishonen.


(You are more likely to recruit for your stable if your car's radio is tuned to K109 The Studio, The Beat 102.7, or K-Billy: Super Sounds of the 70's)


After recruiting at least three workers, you must find a place to use as your track. Some places such as Star Junction and the Alderney Shore are more profitable but more dangerous, while others such as Little Italy or The Carroways are safer, but yield less money. You must protect your stable if you want to keep the cash flow.


Make enough money and get your reputation high enough as a pimp, and you can probably get on the official pimp leader-boards.


Who knows? You could very well be celebrated along with other legendary pimp daddies such as Snoop DoggTony SopranoTuxedo MaskDennis Hof, Hugh Hefner, and The Tentacle Master.


Male Prostitution

(Only Darien and Levi can take part in this side mission)


Not only can you be a pimp in this game, but while playing as either Darien or Levi, you can get in on the fun yourself and sell your services as a bishonen escort working on behalf of a very high-end host club and make some serious bank!


First, go to The Old School Hall in New Britannia and report to Music Room Three where you will be briefed by the legendary Tamaki Suoh on how to be a playa and win the game.


Afterwards, buy at least $2500 worth of clothes from one of the following clothing stores: PerseusZip, or Victim


At first, you'll just be a mere host entertaining anime girls with your presence alone.


But if you do well enough, you can work your way up to dating the ladies and eventually you'll be doing the big job!


There's a lot of lonely Fujoshi ladies out there looking for the company of a suave seme stud or a cute uke dandy.


But let it be known that being a male escort can often very well be a rather rough trade...but hey, a paycheck is a paycheck any way you get it!


Make enough bank and build your rep as a player and you might even be the Guest of Honor at The Player's Ball in San Fierro.



(Any of the three can do this quest, but Levi can only complete it BEFORE finishing the main story)


Perhaps the hardest side quest of all, any of the three protagonists can research arcane texts and learn laborious occult rituals to possibly achieve the greatest feat of all, immortality.


You'll be just like the bad guy in Lethal Weapon II, you'll have metaphysical immunity (so Hammer cannot sue!)


Only a few have done it successfully and their names are in the history books....


Legendary revered figures throughout history have achieved immortality or been deified such as Yeshua of NazarethDivus JuliusDivus AugustusPharaoh Aten, The Emperor, AmaterasuNeo-Queen Serenity, and Talos...and maybe you if you apply yourself!


Who knows, you could be elevated to godhood!


After achieving Apotheosis, you will gain a small cult of followers and it is your duty to provide for them and ensure the cult grows into a major religion!




There are a lot of petty crimes and misdemeanors you can commit in Grand Theft Auto VI, including but not limited to...



Street Racing

Graffiti Tagging

Prince of Wakanda Scams



Prank Calls

Illegal Fireworks

You never actually watched The Godfather (Darien only)

Using your police badge to get free meals at Denny's (Cody only)

Deliberately infecting people with your tuberculosis (Levi only)

Voting for Ralph Nader



Knuckle Sandwiches

Hertz Donuts

Wet Willies

Purple Nurples

The Dreaded Rear Admiral

Being a blocker

Smoking in places designated as "No Smoking"

Stealing calls from payphones

Suffocating enemy gang members

Flipping the bird at police officers

Pissing on walls

Talking about Fight Club

Deciding Pluto is no longer a planet

Saying that Howard Stern is overrated

Disrespecting Propane and Propane Accessories

Enjoying The Love Ducks unironically (or just being a creepy Duckboy in general)

Investing in crypto-currencies (those don't even exist in the 1990's!)

Recording The Super Bowl without express written permission from the NFL

Rooting for the New Plymouth Nationalists (or just liking Tom Brady in general)

I've been waiting on that Hank Jr. ashtray and dammit, today's the day!


With that, the criminal side missions are finally done!


Next is the main story itself!

Edited by Big Fat Paulie
Added Hitman and Apotheosis Side Missions
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Big Fat Paulie

Again, I apologize for a triple post but now that I have completed outlining the side-missions and side activities, as well as the characters, radio stations, weapons, and locations, I must start the main story.


But here's the thing, I've planned GTA VI to have the option of being able to pick any of the three protagonists right off the bat, unlike the episodic approach of GTA IV or the story progression-related method of GTA V.


So I must ask the forum members a question...


Friends, Romans, and Countrymen of GTA Forums, I ask you all which protagonist's story should I present first?

Darien Genovese?
Levi Kennedy?

Cody Gibson?

Edited by Big Fat Paulie
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slimeball supreme

Darien would be an interesting place to start

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On 2/3/2019 at 11:42 PM, Big Fat Paulie said:


All vehicles from Grand Theft Auto IVThe Lost and DamnedThe Ballad of Gay TonyGrand Theft Auto V, and all the DLC's of Grand Theft Auto Online are available in the game, as well as all the Horse breeds from Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption II.

So that includes the Opressors as well? Not to mention, a lot of IV and V cars are way too modern for the specified time period.

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Big Fat Paulie
On 2/14/2019 at 2:24 AM, Beato_dim said:

So that includes the Opressors as well? Not to mention, a lot of IV and V cars are way too modern for the specified time period.

Some of the cars from IV and V have been remodeled for a more late 90's/early 2000's look.


That being said, this game concept (optionally) contains Bigfoot, ghosts, dinosaurs, Ouran High School Host Club, a martial arts tournament featuring Chuck Norris and Secretariat as opponents, even the ability to achieve immortality and become deified and it's the fact that some of the cars don't exactly match the timeline that bothers you?


When I came up with the ideas for GTA VI, I basically looked at both Saints Row: The Third and the more recent DLC's for GTA Online and said "Hold my beer..."


Also, I have thought about it and decided that the first story missions in GTA VI to be detailed will be the story of the yuppie mafioso himself, Darien Genovese.

Edited by Big Fat Paulie
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This game needs to happen, I'd play this game 24/7 if I could. This might be the best GTA  VI concept that could happen realistically yet. Rockstar needs to start searching for ideas like this.

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Big Fat Paulie
4 hours ago, Thejeffster said:

This game needs to happen, I'd play this game 24/7 if I could. This might be the best GTA  VI concept that could happen realistically yet. Rockstar needs to start searching for ideas like this.

Thanks, I suppose. I hope you're not being sarcastic, but even if you are, it's better than no feedback at all.


I apologize for not updating in so long. Real life has been keeping me pre-occupied.

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3 hours ago, Big Fat Paulie said:

Thanks, I suppose. I hope you're not being sarcastic, but even if you are, it's better than no feedback at all.


I apologize for not updating in so long. Real life has been keeping me pre-occupied.

No dude, I'm not joking. I would pay 100 dollars or more for a game like this, you need to get into game designing.

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Big Fat Paulie
11 hours ago, Thejeffster said:

No dude, I'm not joking. I would pay 100 dollars or more for a game like this, you need to get into game designing.

Then I am glad you like this concept!

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josh coley

this would make a perfect saints row game

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