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Best way to complete the game?


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I’ve just started a new game and executed the jet pack glitch which opens up the whole state with all interiors opened. I’ve just completed Ryder. What now?

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Huh?  Jetpack glitch?  Would you mind explaining how you managed to acquire a jetpack before the story mission Tagging Up Turf - and what this glitch is about ?

I've seen a similar glitch during the mission OG Loc which allows the player to enter any house interior in the state.  Are those glitches in any way connected ?

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Well, you clearly asked what the best way to complete the game is, so I will answer:

Don't use cheat codes - it's a bigger challenge to complete the game without them - and their use can lead to save corruption or being unable to complete the game (example being in Madd Dogg by using the cheat code which allows aggressive pedestrians).

Try not to have deaths - you already got a death from using the jetpack glitch - it's better to have 0 suicides than millions of them in the statistics.

This jetpack glitch (which I honestly heard the first time now - interesting though, but we're learning everything together by discussion) is only helpful temporarily - it has the same results as just merely completing some story missions - the only result being to enter gameplay-specific interiors which can be enabled without cheats.

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to complete the game make a concise strategy on how to do each mission in given time, don't use cheat codes because using it could corrupt or delete your game progress.

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Connor Callow

The best way to beat the game is by using mods and trainers. I know many people think trainer is for noobs, okay! Let me tell you something really interesting, ughh!.

Developers Added Cheats To The Game Officially For The Players.

Mod That Can Help You:

1.Cheat Menu V4

I have completed the game alot a times and in the beginning i did it with the mod then without it.😁



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lil weasel

To play the game as it is.

To use Exploits when found.

Not to use Cheats, Not to add Mods (until the game is played at least once without them)

You Do Not need to do Everything, (Side Missions) to complete the game.

100% is nice but not necessar

When you hit the hard part, thing about what you need to do, Examine what You are doing.

Try using a different approach, weapon, vehicle than the one the Game appears to be saying must use.

Flying is the toughest part of the game, yet it is also the easiest.  Over control is the usual fault. Let the Plane fly itself with minimum control, just tap the keys when a correction is needed. A game pad is recommended.

The only key that is needed to be pressed nearly all the time is the Throttle key, speed for some tests is needed.

.You NEVER need to buy any weapons or Body Armour. They are free to pick-up everywhere.

Spend time Exploring. Enjoy the map.

Do the Collections:  Print the maps, put them in a page protector, get a China Marker to check them off, (Erase and reuse)

http://www.myepsilon.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/gta-san-andreas-map-items-and-weapons.png WEAPONs Map.

http://gta-sanandreas.com/guides/tagsmap/map.htm] TAGS Map

http://gta-sanandreas.com/guides/snapshotsmap/map.htm Snapshots Map

http://gta-sanandreas.com/guides/horseshoesmap/map.htm  Horseshoes Map


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