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captain jack sparrow

all gta games take place in one universe

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10 minutes ago, ChiroVette said:

@D9fred95, fair enough, but that wasn't my point. I was half kidding with that comment. My real point is that its fairly obvious that Rockstar is not particularly meticulous with GTA cannon, either from one game to the next, or one gen to the next. It appears to me like they are almost haphazard with the canon for characters, the cities, and storylines. I don't get the sense that the writers at Rockstar have any real intent to have the kind of fastidious canonical detail that you would see in various movie sequels or TV series episodes, where you have people that consistently act as fact checkers for any and all canonical inconsistencies and vagaries.

Yeah I'm starting to think they dont care. Just look at online and the timeline originally it was supposed to take place before the V story now it time jumped to 2017.

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23 hours ago, Zello said:

The secrets of the GTA universe are kept in Niko's suitcase.

Which is stored in Roman's new "taxi depot". If anyone can find them all will be revealed. 



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captain jack sparrow
On 2/3/2019 at 12:07 PM, captain jack sparrow said:



On 2/7/2019 at 2:48 AM, American Venom said:

Which is stored in Roman's new "taxi depot". If anyone can find them all will be revealed. 



also there is a car in gta 5 that has a plate with the name cj so it probably used to belong to cj,i don't think this is just a simple reference by rockstar

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