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How i would make the next GTAO dynamic and flexible

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I just saw a Gtamen video that speaks about the next GTAO, and he was basically saying that the current online has so much content that the next game might feel empty when released if it doesnt have the same amount of content that we have now. And i think he is absolutely right, but i think there is a way to solve this problem without adding things differently from what we have now, and for me at least the solution is having the same bussiness, properties and etc, but with a different twist on them. What i mean by that ? I mean integrating most of the bussiness to create an immerse online experience where we stimulate competiiton without stimulate griefing or tryharding.

How it would work: 

So at the start of the game we could have the option to buy a small warehouse to put our crates, and how we gonna get them? Via bussiness battle which in my oppinion is the best way to make people have a healthy fight over money (indestructible crates). Of course they would have to be more frequent and the traditional fremode challenge would pay you in cargo instead of  miserable amounts of money. This cargo would automatically go to your warehouse, and maybe bring back the money trucks just to have some variety. The business battles would have a lot more missions, and people would feel interest in doing them. Obviously contact missions and races would also be there, but the freemode would work like this. Later down the line you would be able to get some bigger warehouses and lounch your own missions, but players would be able to steal (not destroy) your stuff. 

Another idea is making random cool cars spawning like supercars lowriders etc that people would be able to store in their garage, but these would be very rare and if sold in any shop they would worth only the modifications aplied.  

How about import export? 

In my oppinion import export should work as heists (because selling a 2.8 million car and getting 80k doesnt make any sense one you are the CEO), having several freemode missions that cant be interfered by other players, but they would be very hard to worth the money gain by the crew. For example, you would have a Z-type that is worth 10 million, and every crew member would get one million if all missions completed, but the investiment would be very high. Once this is GTA, the import and export should be the ultimate bussiness.

How about passive bussinesses? 

I imagine them being more similar to gta v story mode, you have to do literally NOTHING and the job produces a little bit, but you have some management missions to get some more profit. You should not be obligated to do them like the popularity.


Making in a small form, initially the main focus should be the freemode BB and the Events that would award you with cargo, some random cool cars and some money trucks to blow up here and there, also some contact missions and races. I think this could make the game interesting enough to keep it alive in the beggining



This is my ideas for the next GTAO, if you have some that would make sense with this concept tell me :D 

P.S. in the future i will add some more ideas about racing, cars in general and other aspects that i have in my head, i dunno if we have already a topic to talk about what i am saying here, if there is make sure to close this one and please tell me where to post :)


Edited by Marciliojunior01

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