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Pouring Forth Oil - Easy Oil Wagon in Valentine Tip

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Just discovered something in Chapter 2 which makes things way easier for anyone who was having trouble with getting the oil wagon in Pouring Forth Oil. Normally when I start that mission both wagons are in the compound and I try all sorts of things to get them to leave. You can actually do a mission such as Javier's Hone Robbery and this will trigger the wagon to move when finished for some reason whereas there are other missions where if you do them the mission will cancel and John will have gotten the wagon because you took too long which I don't like. You can of course shoot your way in or ride out fast or scare the horses by shooting from far away to make them leave the compound etc but these either resulted in losing a lot of honour, taking a lot of damage or just felt too 'gamey' for me.


I have camped for days sometimes to see if they move but they never seem to. Today I noticed that even before the mission the wagon is in Valentine at around noon (I slept in the hotel til noon after a late night). This got me thinking so before going back to camp when the mission was available I camped until noon nearby camp and then when I spoke to Marston after the cutscene the wagon was in Valentine. I tried this several times because I made a save before starting the mission and whenever I started the mission early such as 7am the wagon was still in the compound and whenever I started it just after noon it was in Valentine.


Hopefully this helps someone.


I'm also guessing now that the reason why completing a mission to trigger the oil wagon to move worked was perhaps because the mission finishes at around noon.

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GTA Phreak

You can just shoot wildly into the air, then the horses with the wagons will freak out and run out of the compound.

If they stop too close to the guards you can shoot some more.

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I've never noticed one of the oil wagons in Valentine-was not looking for it.  I assume it's another detail R* put in-people need Kero so the wagon brings it to town at certain times-sort of like taking trash to the curb on trash day now.  Is it parked in a specific place?


I watched someone do the 'shoot in the air thing' but they could never find the wagon after the horses bolted-they were in the middle of a gun battle too so losing track would be easy.



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Surprised peeps are having issue with this.  Good find though!


Anyhow, on my three playthroughs, just snuck in from the north, jumped the north fence, ducked down and snuck behind some boxes, waited for the one guard closest to the northern wagon to leave, then jumped onto the closest oil wagon and was gone before they knew it.


Good day!


Edited by DrDetroit

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