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GTA V: Las Venturas & San Fierro DLC


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GTA V: Las Venturas & San Fierro DLC


Since the lack of Single Player DLC made by Rockstar Games themselves, and the limited DLC map mods available from 3D era GTA games, I decided to make this a thing.

First version released on 10 February 2019









Dear fellow gamers and/or modders

I am proud to present you my latest project, started around 4 january 2019.
This map DLC places the 3D-era cities of Las Venturas and San Fierro, alongside to the original map of GTA 5. 
So far I only saw converted GTA San Andreas map mods replacing the GTA 5 map (FiveM, FiveReborn, MultiFive), except from a San Fierro DLC map mod by ArthurLopes, which is great, you can check it out here:

As stated, ArthurLopes' version of San Fierro is awesome to me. It was the first GTA: San Andreas DLC map mod for GTA V if I am correct. Though, I thought I really missed the countrysides and of course Las Venturas.
So, with all respect to ArthurLopes his mod, I did decide to make my own GTA San Andreas map mod as a DLC for GTA 5. Everything is converted from GTA IV: San Andreas BETA 3. Visit their website:

I want to thank the GTAIVSA team for the converion from GTA San Andreas To GTA IV, and I hope they don't see my GTA V version as a problem. 
Those are the main members of the GTAIVSA team which I want to thank:









The largest problems on this mod are for now:
- Some houses/buildings/props are still missing, which creates holes in the map
- Sometimes, streetlights start flashing on and off
- There is on some places collision, without a visible object. I think this will be fixed once all props are in place
- The bridges between San Fierro and Las Venturas have a kind of 'gap', due to a small incorrection in the coordinates. The San Fierro part and the Las Venturas part are not perfectly connected yet.
- Some objects have strange lines on them, I am looking for a fix, probably i need to apply an 'edit normals' modifier in 3dsMax but I am not sure yet. Other than that there are no shading problems it seems, and shadows work correctly.

For people asking about traffic paths, please know this is a huge map to do all traffic paths for, on my own. It would take me months of work. I will probably release some basic paths in future updates but any help on it is welcome. You don't even have to work together with me, everyone is free to make some paths.
Interiors are coming in a future update, including casino interiors.

And again, don't forget to check out ArthurLopes' San Fierro DLC mod. My only purpose with this mod is to bring back the 2 other cities of San Andreas, next to Los Santos, as an expansion. Of course, in no way I want to copy ArthurLopes his mods, neither did I touch any of his files. I thought, better be clear with this :) 

Anyway, stay tuned for future updates! 

Thank you for all the support and keep the modding community alive! 

GTA Belgium
























































Mod release
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Wow, I better give it a try when released. Keep up the good work!

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13 hours ago, sgtsev3n said:

nice, you have LOD in your map too ?

Hi, thanks! So far there are no LOD's yet. I started with converting only the basic 'HD' models (non-LOD). Since GTA San Andreas is a game from 2004, it runs very smoothly in GTA 5 wihout lag. Everyone with a decent PC should be able to play it, so I don't think I will put time in the LOD versions of all models. This because I can put all that time in something else (more important), like adding interiors or fixing bugs. Anyway that's how I see it :) 

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1 minute ago, ClaudeTheMan said:

Thanks for this, bro. Hopefully you don't give up on it! 😀

I won't give up :) Thanks for the support! First release should be today or tomorrow (probably tomorrow), or maybe next week. I just need to fix some trees and lights first, then i'll make a trailer, screenshots and description and a first version should be ready. I am now trying to fix, I hope it will not take too long haha

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I love this so much. the new HD textures mod of this map is legit. PLEASE man. just make the traffic for san fierro please. ? not vegas.. because i need feirro for watch dogs legion v modpack im workin onn. thanks man, keep up the good work. peace x. dont give up on this

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This is great, just shows you how much greener the old map was.

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How can I edit this in code walker. Wanted to give a crack at adding vehicle paths

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looks awesome in V engine, hope R* care about SP and make some SP dlc/expansions like these.


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