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GTAForums Annual Awards 2018: Winners


Recommended Posts

4 hours ago, fast and bulbous squid said:

This means I get unbanned from discord, right?

banned in the forum instead

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On 2/1/2019 at 5:55 PM, Raavi said:


Best Poster: R3CON 2nd: Amy Vinewood 3rd: fw3


Wow! I'm humbled and flattered to be included in such great company!  Congrats R3CON and Amy Vinewood! Well done! :)

Thank you for the nod and looking forward to what comes next for this forum and the GTA community! Cheers!

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Mokrie Dela
On 2/2/2019 at 12:04 AM, slimeball supreme said:

the unfortunate passing of the best wd work will be mourned but i shall accept my award with grace, gratitude and good will. 'Tre good' (as the French say) to know that I am still the best and perhaps always will be

Every month I make a promise to return to my old activity level and a day later I abandon it because life. 

I often think writing is a dying or dead art and while I don't write much any more (the last thing I've written was possibly run or the appalling COL2) It makes me happy to know that some people still are writing, enjoying it and posting despite the inactivity. There's strength there. Perhaps next year I'll return and battle you for my former crown, but well done man. Keep it up 😁

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Best Map: Liberty City countryside 2nd: V PropRestore 3rd: Open Bullworth, GTA 1 & 2 Maps for 3DS Max


Thanks for all the votes on V PropRestore. I wasn't even expecting it to be nominated. 

I mean, I barely supported that mod, but I guess the effort counted :D.


LCC definitely deserves its spot.

Edited by BlackScout
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