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Mission iin the Desert Part 1

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I played your mission. It was not bad, to be honest. I liked the way you designed some of your cutscenes, though personally, I'd recommend you to turn "Skip Widescreen" off. It doesn't matter if your English is bad, since your mission focuses mainly on gameplay and shootouts rather than dialogue, and at least it was understandable.


Well, one thing you could improve on was the logic. The plan that the FBI came up with was something even a five-year-old would think of. Think of how they would handle cases like this in real life, and try to incorporate more realism into your mission by doing that.


Also, if you're planning to release sequels, I'd recommend you to release it in the form of a Mission Pack - start a proper MP topic in the Mission Showroom, introduce your synopsis and characters and upload the missions as you design them. For examples of well-made Mission Packs, have a look at different topics in the Mission Showroom.


Just a short note, though. Shootouts can be fun, but they are often overused by many DYOM users. So in your future missions, try incorporating more unique elements. I'm not saying to get rid of shootouts completely, just have a few here and there where necessary.


But otherwise, your mission quality was quite good for a beginner, especially your cutscenes, so keep the good work up and improve on the factors that you're currently lacking in. Looking forward to more missions of your craft.

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Thanks I will try your suggestions :)

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12 hours ago, pepi8 said:

Thanks I will try your suggestions :)

Just happy to help out, mate! Also, feel free to visit The Designers Lounge to see what's happening and announce any future projects you might be planning.

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