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O.D.I.N RP Server Xbox One

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We are a Xbox one roleplay server on grand theft auto that does daily roleplays with around 10+ people per roleplay. we also have a working CAD/MDT [computer aided dispatch/mobile data terminal] this CAD is provided to us by an outside company that does a lot of CADs for a lot of different communities. All of this and a greatly lauded out discord server that conceeds of many various channels, roles and really helpful staff we also conduct monthly giveaways on the server. 

Of course, we don't have the mods, and the plugins that PC Role play servers have, but to replace that we have very strict rules! (Read Below) 
We also are unable to have a Server always running for it, so here is how we operate. 
1. Write a response Application 
2. If you are accepted, you will be added to the Discord, which is where we announce servers etc. 
3. We open our servers depending on how active the members are, and depending on that will determine whether or not we host a private Roleplay Server at that time. Sessions normally run every day. 
4. If you are accepted, you will also get the owners PSN so you can join the Lobby's. 
Of course we can't get rid of the AI police, but we do in fact have good ol' Lester. 
If you don't want the AI on you, and only want the server's police to go after you, call Lester to get rid of the AI. 
As people have tons and tons of money, we do not use in-game balance, we have a currency system on our discord that allows people to gain money from working 
and spend it on local businesses created by players. 

1.) Don't 'stalk' other players. 
Sometimes the roleplay gets a little damp, which requires you to get into some unlikely social actions. However, refrain for getting carried away from whom you talk to. As in, don't get in a group of 10 people all deciding to walk on the docks at the same time, and coincidentally 'bump' into each other. it is not realistic and annoying. 
If you notice someone in a certain area by themselves or two, you can come up with some scenario to get interactive, but don't be a pest. 
2.) No extreme killing sprees. 
As exciting it may seem to you, it can easily ruin the role play experience. You can have shootouts with police, but it isn't logical to stand in the middle of a boardwalk and blast everyone with an RPG. 
3.) Don't drive unrealistic cars for yourself. 
This one is pretty much self explanatory as well. A dead-beat drug dealer doesn't drive a Comet. It just doesn't happen. 
5.) stop for red lights, or every once and awhile get some gas at the gas station. 
It really bugs me when someone is constantly weaving in and out of traffic and running red lights. If it's a street race, it's acceptable. But just flooring it to save time or whatever get annoying, especially if you crash your car and just go get it fixed immediately. Also, to make sure you have read the rules, put "GRAND THEFT HOOKER" somewhere in your application. 
6.) Don't kill anyone without their consent. 
Self explanitory. Don't go around killing someone unless they say it is alright. Also, do not do anything to other member's cars unless they say it is alright as well. 
7.) Don't fix cars like magic. 
If you get into a car accident, don't drive over to a LSC and get your vehicle repaired instantly. Give it some time, like a real accident, and leave your car there for a few days, or however long you think your car damage can be fixed. 
8.) Listen to police, A car chase every once and awhile is ok, but they can see you on the map. Please just pull over, listen to what they have to say, get you're discord mark and move on with you're day. 
8.) Have common sense. 
I can list rules forever, but most of them are common sense. I don't believe I have to post every little thing down, but that doesn't excuse you to act stupidly and say "It isn't in the rules!" Please, please, please! For the sake of the game, be fair to everyone. 
9.) Don't be absent. 
I try too keep this as active as possible. When a member of the server is absent for an extended amount of time without notice, I am highly likely to remove them. 
What departments do we offer? 
We offer 
Blaine county sheriffs office 
state police 
What sub-divisions do we have? 
Park ranger 
Undercover unit 
Aviation unit 
Tactical response 
Driving under influence [DUI] 
Traffic service unit [TSU] 
State trooper 
Highway patrol 
What is required of you? 
You are required to have 
a verified discord account 
a legal copy of grand theft auto 
Access to an email address 
Legal Xbox live account 

Here you can find all the possible jobs and how they work. 
It is you're job to get the required items for this job. 
You will need any Taxi Cab. 
You are asked to dress like a Taxi driver would, (no Taxi driver wears $10000 clothing) 
Follow driving rules (Red lights etc.) 
Actively say in the Discord that you are on Duty, until someone asks for a driver. (ONLY TAKE THE JOB IF THEY ARE RESPONDING TO YOU.) 
It is you're job to get the required items for this job. 
You will need a MARKED Police car. 
You are asked to dress as a police officer in the assigned uniform provided to you by your department 
Follow Driving rules and use sirens and flashers only when necessary. 
Multiple police officers can respond to one call, but please don't fight over who takes the main of the event. 
Pull people over/Arrest for only these offences (Very High Speeds, Ran through Red Light, Signs of Public Intoxication, Gun in hand, Murder, Kidnapping, Store Robbery, Civilian Call via Discord, and other obvious offences) 
JAIL IS LOCATED AT POLICE STATION IN SANDY SHORES when you put the inmate in the police station keep them in the main room, other rooms might alert the police and get them killed. 
If you end up killing a criminal or someone with a car, or arrest someone in a car, don't leave it in the middle of the street, ask in the discord for a tow truck and get them to bring it to the police station. 
Abuse of power will get you banned. 

It is you're job to get the required items for this job. 
Wear something shady, most criminals aren't walking around like rainbows. 
Don't drive something crazy, you're a store robbing criminal, they don't drive super cars and or tanks. (be realistic) 
Don't shoot just anyone, preferably kidnap them. 
Do not try to escape Jail if in it, do you're time. (15 minutes) 
It is you're job to get the required items for this job. 
You will need ANY functional tow truck. 
Dress like a tow truck driver would (they don't wear $10000 clothing) 
If a cop requests a Tow Truck driver, the closest one can take the job. 
Get to know the other Drivers, it can benefit you in the long run. 
ALL towed cars go to the police station parking lot. 
If you tow a players car, said person will have to pay you 50 points via discord to get it back. 
It is you're job to get the required items for this job. 
To start a business in our server, you will need to have 15k points. 
We will not let everyone open a business, only the first 3-5 to get to that number. 
Dress depending on what you do in you're business. (Customize Cars, Sell cars, Delivery, Hitman, Security etc.) 
Drive a car depending on you're business. (still no tanks) 
You can request a place to have you're business put, or we will give you one. 
Promote in the discord channel for shops and get customers as they come. 
Why join us? 
You should join us because we are one of the only Xbox servers with an amazing CAD system [others have them not saying we are the only one] we have a great staff team and a great sense of humor so that if you are looking for a serious community with a great sense of humor that loves to have fun while being realistic you are in the right place 
The modded capture above includes 
marked buffalo cruisers 
marked CVPI 
marked police cruiser 
unmarked buffalo 
unmarked CVPI 
police bike 
police transporter van 
police riot van 
sheriff granger 
sheriff CVPI 
fire crown vic 
fire granger 
fire truck 
EMS truck 
lifeguard truck 
How do you join us? 
Apply with the link provided below then while in that discord server wait patiently for an interview and training session 

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Could you resend the invite link I’m interested in joining

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