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RC Bandito....WTF


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So I got around to picking up the RC Bandito and the way rockstar designed it really boggles my mind.

I thought originally it was going to be controlled from and office or you standing around with a remote, but apparently that isn't the case as when you call the bandito, YOU become the bandito. Your body is teleported into the bandito and things get really weird.

Beginning my adventure I messed with some AI, after bumping into them they would want to fight with my bandito, but they never would actually engage. I found out you can kill AI by running into them, knocking them down and driving over them twice.

So this got my thinking, and I managed to find a security guard who I ran over and managed to pick up 3 stars in the bandito.


First off the AI can't really shoot the bandito, they aim for center mass so most of their shots miss, I was able to just cruise around and kill cops by running them over, and barely took any damage. Next up I made my way into the military base in which I picked up 4 stars and cruised around, eventually the massive amount of troops were able to get random shots on the bandito and after awhile it died. Then I found out once you are teleported back to where you started with the bandito you carry those stars and it instantly spawns all the cops right where you are.


I'm curious to see how much damage the bandito can take, I don't know if it is visible on the map to other plays, and if it isn't, it becomes the permanent off the radar stealth killing machine.


Oh yeah as an update it can apparently take a good amount of bullets, however you get knocked back like crazy.

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1. It can take three RPG hits or an enormous amount of gunfire/collision damage.


2. It's invisible to anyone not in your Org.


3. Its only real anti-player weapon is the explosive (as the mines are too limited in number and low in damage).


4. You get a 1 minute cooldown when destroyed; and the Bandito's destruction does not count as a kill against you.

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Please use the above thread for discussing the RC Bandito.




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