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Hard to find a moose

No Homing

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I can't seem to find a Moose. Are they supposed to be rare or just glitched?

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They are pretty rare from what I've read here.  I found them along Lake Isabella constantly while looking for for a couple of other things there.

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5 hours ago, Satanta said:

They are pretty rare from what I've read here.  I found them along Lake Isabella constantly while looking for for a couple of other things there.

Yeah the only 2 I ever saw were there.

What's the best way to farm? I don't really understand that.

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They're found in several places:

W of Willards rest.

S of the road just W of Fairwale Shanty.

S of Owanjila Lake, you might see one swimming in the lake (don't kill it before it reaches dry ground)

Around Lake Isabella

N of Aurora Basin (best bet if you're in epilogue)


They are rare.

If you need a 3* pelt and you see a 2* moose, consider reloading a previous save and retracing your steps, - if you saved recently there's a good chance you'll find 3* in the same place.

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15 hours ago, No Homing said:

Yeah the only 2 I ever saw were there.

What's the best way to farm? I don't really understand that.

Looks like GTA PHREAK has some other locations.   I was looking for the horse at the time-every tie I went to a certain area [[N end of Isabelle it seems like it started snowing and visibility was zero.  I had the Moose constantly-enough I began ignoring it because I wanted the horse.   I did shoot a Goose out in the lake.   Never saw one before but found it swimming around in a Snowstorm using Eagle Vision.  Used a poison arrow and, when I rode over I could not find it but I did get to watch the lifeless body of the horse sink into the lake.


Reloading the save is your buddy.

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Moose Antler required by Pearson for camp upgrade.

3 Perfect Moose Pelts for clothing from the Trapper.

Am I missing anything?


If you see a bull moose then kill it for the antlers. Pelt quality won't matter. I've been spotting bull moose east of Donner Falls, in a classic pose on a ledge overlooking the falls. And recently I ran into one in the wooded area south of Bacchus station. They don't seem quite as rare when you aren't hunting them specifically.


I used Potent Herbivore Bait north of the Brandywine Drop, near Willard's Rest and the legendary moose location, to spawn perfect moose pelts for crafting clothing. The strategy is useless for spawning bull moose though. I've noticed that potent bait tends to spawn animals without a star rating, and these will provide perfect pelts if you get the perfect kill with the appropriate weapon.


If you try the same location then I recommend scoping out the area for a while to clear out the predators in the area. They tend not to respawn while their carcass is lying about which provides a bit more safety while hunting.


Has anyone tried roping a moose? I keep forgetting when the opportunity is available. When using bait (and cover scent) and stalking my prey it's pretty easy to setup a perfect kill with a call so I never bothered with a standard perfect pelt strategy on a moose.


My first encounter with a pristine bull mouse was up near Lake Isabella, just after killing the legendary bison. I ended up carrying the pelt all the way to the trapper near Riggs Station; I figured I was less likely to run into dangerous predators along the way. I wish I had thought to spawn a pack horse with potent herbivore bait.


Edited by OrionSR
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Middle Class Roadman

The regular western moose is pretty easy to find from my experience. They consistently spawn just north of the camp in Chapter 6 along the river bed, at barrow lagoon during the night if you drop herbivore bait and along the Dakota river bed (the part that cuts past Diablo Ridge)


The Western Bull Moose however is extremely rare (especially a three star variation) and I've only ever came across it 3/4 times in the 4 months I've had the game. Funny enough I literally just got one not too long ago at the spawn point near Willards Rest other than this you'll find one swimming in the lake at Owanjila, by Lake Isobella when you first go back there and around the area where the witches cauldron is in the West Grizzlies.


My most frustrating experience with a western bull moose was when I stumbled upon a three star one by accident - before this I had been trying to get one for an eternity. I slowly galloped towards it but it saw me and got spooked, I figured I'd just follow where it went over the hill and snipe it from afar, easy. Then out of nowhere it came charging over the hill and crashed head on into me and my horse with such force that my horse was in critical condition and the moose ended up on the ground as well which meant its three star status was now one star so I just let it go as I never bother with one or two star pelts.  

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