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Hero and Gunslinger Grip Question

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I was wondering because I started a play-through where I first had high honor and bought the Hero Grip first, but then decided to play low honor and I brought it all the way down, but I was not able to purchase the Gunslinger Grip. Or, at least it didn't pop up yet? Is there a way to unlock the Gunslinger Grip or is it possible to have both on the same Arthur? 

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For some odd reason, I can only have the Hero grip on my Cattleman revolver, the Gunslinger grip on the Double Action Revolver and non of them on my Schofield Revolver and I can buy the Gunslinger grip with high honor, so it dosen't look like you have to play low honor to buy the Gunslinger grip.

Edited by Ingrobny

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Oh ok so the Gunslinger Grip is only on the Double Action not the Cattleman? I had that on my high honor one but I thought that was just how it came. 

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Did not get either-saw the White one [[Hero I assume]] and read about the Gunslinger-thought the Black one was for low honor?


I wanted to do the same-get one for one weapon then the other for a diferent weapon but not one for the Cattleman, why decorate the worst gun in the game?


Be like buying a grip for a gun carved from a piece of wood, spend $100 on a grip and shout "Pew pew!" at the enemy.

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