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The Collector's list

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Decided to started again, as the old list was getting a bit messy. I'm going to include game/different game version as well as some people like to collect those. 


As it this gets out of hand pretty fast, as there's hundreds of items, maybe we could work on a single item every couple of days.


e.g We start with gta1, so for a couple of days we can figure out how many different versions there is, any promo/merch items, events held, stuff like that. After a few days, if there's isn't anything else to add, or if we want, we move to a different game.




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We'll start with GTA1 then: https://gta-wiki.com/Grand_Theft_Auto_I


Info needed:

Release date:


Different game versions:

Promo/merch items:

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Does anyone know the exact first release date? Every source seems to specify a different one.

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3 hours ago, uNi said:

Does anyone know the exact first release date? Every source seems to specify a different one.

First release of GTA1 on PC was on the 21st October of 1997. Wikipedia and IMDB give me this information.

Edited by totyak

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R* site says May 1 1998.

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I would as well say it was October 21st, PC release of course. That information was 'disclosed', so to say, only as of recently, in last year or so. Every single relevant site would only go so far to state that the first GTA was initially released in " October ", without specific date being mentioned. Weird.


As far as I know, in those days, there were couple of other publishers next to BMG Interactive, publishing DMA Design games, so in regards to different regions and as well as different platforms, different publishers would publish the same game - GTA 1 in this case - that DMA Design created/developed. I'm not sure why there's no exact information on who initially published GTA on Rockstar's site - that was most likely BMG Int. on PC, both in Europe and North America and most likely on 21st of October of '97 - but that information is missing from Gamefaqs as well, you can check it here, where btw, you'll also find numerous other publishers being mentioned: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/pc/197476-grand-theft-auto/data


In conclusion, if we stumble on version of the game published by BMG and it's for PC and it's coming from Europe or North America, I think it's safe to say it was initially released October the 21st, 1997.




After poking around a bit, I think the original release date - 21.10.1997 - refers to game release for DOS and not Windows actually, hence we can see later release dates on Rockstar Games website, Windows PC of course being widely spread and used while DOS being totally irrelevant and not being used by anyone anymore.


Source: Wikipedia


The original Grand Theft Auto was developed for MS-DOS, but then later ported to Microsoft Windows (using SciTech MGL), PlayStation(developed by Visual Sciences using their "ViSOS" framework),[18] and Game Boy Color. 



Edited by ChengizVlad09

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