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R* Decisions You Couldn't Understand


Recommended Posts

So in every R* game you see some game design decisions made by R* you just can't really make sense of no matter how hard you try. This topic is for those decisions in the GTA Series. 


I'll start:


-Creating a town just for using it in two missions(North Yankton)

-Cutting Ray Bulgarin from where he belongs to where he doesn't. 

Edited by TheSantader25
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- GTA V: Not being able to draw out a gun inside of the strip club to shoot the place up, but in Ammunation it's ok. Da f*ck? 

- GTA V: None of the owned properties like the bars and clubs have unique interiors so you never truly feel like you have anything to do with them. 

- GTA V: Michael can buy shoes and change them at any of the clothing stores, but there's a lack of this option in his own wardrobe. 

- GTA V: If you win a moto x or ATV race it says you've unlocked the outfit and it's been added to the wardrobe when really you have to finish the story to be able to use it.😒

- GTA V: Franklin can play golf, play darts and do triathlons, but can't play tennis because......*shrugs*.

- GTA V: Some numb nuts thought it was a good idea to remove GRABBING onto surfaces from GTA IV so 9 times out 10 if you trying to do some basic parkour you'll most definitely faceplant like an idiot.

- GTA V: Phone cheats were brought back in the current gen and PC versions, but not the ability to save them.

-San Andreas: CJ getting "hungry" if he hasn't eaten in a while. I always saw this as a half baked attempt at realism that just felt out place and it's quite pointless since saving makes it redundant so why was it included if it's so easily exploitable?

-San Andreas: CJ not being able to retain fighting styles he's learnt and only capable of using one at a time.

-San andreas: When you unlock duel weilding there's no way of being able to go back to using single handed weapons as the duel weilding looks stupid and tryhard to make CJ look like a "hARrDcoRE gAngSTA Yo".

-TBOGT: The stupid mission rating system being shoved in the player's face after every mission to remind them of everything they DIDN'T do for 100%.

-TBOGT: Removal of clothing stores that even GTA IV had. In TLAD this was obviously understandable, but not for TBOGT.

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-V:Choosing the sneak mode instead of a proper crouching system. 


-IV:sh*tty Loading times and menus for clothing in IV. I could understand it in SA and it at least had a proper menu but I never understood it in IV due to new hardware and engine. Specially realizing how smooth it was later in GTA V. 


-IV:Let's give the lack of planes a pass due to the map layout but no parachutes? Nope. I can't find a reason other than laziness. 


-IV:Lack of silencers/stealth mechanics for Niko the Assassin. 


-IV:Flying through the air like a Feather after touching a lamp post with a bike at 10MPH.


-SA:As mentioned above I can understand how there aren't enough buttons for all three styles but they at least could've let us switch between them at any time via a menu. 


-SA:sh*tty small territories in gang wars. Who did actually design the borders for these territories? 


-VC:Having a big ass beach in comparison to the rest of the map. 


-III:Making the Dodo almost uncontrollable in the air with cut wings and requesting it for import/export. 


-The Entire Series:Having interiors in certain missions/cutscenes and not during gameplay. You already designed it. Come on already! 

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58 minutes ago, perennial said:

SA: Painfully long clothing switch animation.

It's worse when you consider if you try on something and you don't like it then you have to sit through the whole process again since CJ moves like an old fart trying on a new sweater on pensioner day after getting his latest pay cheque.

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I forgot about the clothing animations in San Andreas, lordy lord that used to grind on me.  Once I tried on 2-3 things I was done, settled for w/e the heck he was wearing and called it quits.

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  • GTASA mobile being released in 2013, one year before the actual anniversary
  • Turning all maps after GTA3 (except LCS and North Yankton) into islands
  • Implementing hunger system in GTASA
  • Implementing yoga
  • Returning player bonus
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V: The absence of GTA Online's car insurance and vehicle tracker in V. What's the point of tuning cars if you can't have fun, since the game's horrible physics would most definitely result in your expensive vehicle exploding.

V:The absence of creating custom loadouts in V. Why am I stuck with all weapons I pick-up?

V:Losing body armour due to physical damage like falling in V.

V:Animals reporting crimes to the cops in V.

V:Copy pasting interior dashboards for different vehicles. At least GTA Online is improving in this regard.

IV: Literally no way to save photos taken by the phone. 

SA: Poorly mapped gang territories. 

SA: Painful RPG mechanics.

VC: Absence of the iconic AK.

General: Your character can't access some rooms of their own safehouse.

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SA: Making gang territories sometimes covering microscopic areas

SA: Not doing a prison breakout mission with Sweet


IV: Removing the suppressed pistol, despite Niko being a hitman

IV: Making most missions follow the same type of plot (go to point X, kill goons there, kill Leader of goons, mission accomplished)

IV: Adding a gray hue to the whole city (it works in poorer areas, not so much in the higher-class areas)

IV: Rewarding you an unspawnable Annihilator for removing the 200 pigeons


V: Body armour being useless really

V: The map being one large island, making boats redundant

V: Predators killing you instantly

V: Giving you $0 for doing the Merryweather Heist

V: Getting the Ballas to take over Grove Street

V: Killing off returning characters

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Before this turns into another GTA V complaining thread, I will just go ahead and say it already:


GTA V. All of it. Just why Rockstar?


If that ain't enough: GTA Online


If that still isn't enough for you, something is really wrong with you. Please stay away from me.

Edited by Male01
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Gta 5 : Making a super-detailed underwater area, when Rockstar knows no one explores the ocean in Gta. 


Gta 5 : Adding activities not crime related. This is Gta, I’d rather play as Franklin and go have Trevor call me to hang out, instead of yoga. Instead of golf, tennis and yoga they should of added the girlfriend system, nightclubs, robbing banks in free-roam.


Gta 5 : Removing Cop vigilante missions for Taxi missions. That was the funnest part of Gta 4, and removing it for less interesting missions doesn’t make sense.


(Last one for Gta 5) : Removing the Sharokee job, and the casino. We know there’s beta callable of Lester and a few other characters mentioning a casino so why’d they remove it ?


Gta 4 : Removing the option to buy properties from Gta San Andreas.


Gta 4 : Piss filters. I understand Fallout 3 and Resident Evil 5 used it, but it just makes the city feel bland at times when I’m enjoying it. 


Gta 4 : Adding a fully detailed prison and only having a few missions take place there. Would’ve been cool if there were more missions in that area.


Gta LCS : No aircrafts. I mean there are planes and helicopters in the game and you can glitch them in, so why not let us use them ?


Gta Sa : I think Ryder and T-Bone should’ve stuck around longer. I actually liked the characters and just having them betray you like that ruined it for me.


Gta Vice City : I know this might be an unpopular opinion, but I sort of wish that there were more missions. I really enjoyed the characters and the humor, but if there were more main missions then it’d be perfect.


Gta 3 : I think Salvatore and 8-Ball should’ve stayed around longer, and I wish we got to know what happened to Luigi, Mickey, Toni and Joe after Salvatore’s death. In fact I wish we got to know what happened to all the 3D universe characters since this is the last gta Chronologically in the 3D universe.


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14 hours ago, TheSantader25 said:

-Creating a town just for using it in two missions(North Yankton)

North Yankton was always way too detailed just to be seen in two missions. And barely seen at that. I don't think they even had you driving through the Main Street area despite it being pretty detailed. In some ways, it feels unfinished, and I wonder if there was going to be more involvement with this map at some point during development.


Other questionable Rockstar decisions:

  • Trails in GTA III and VC. Did they really think this looked cool? Little wonder why this feature was gone by SA.
  • Did nobody think they went overboard with the amount of "69" references in SA? I even got tired of it by the 5th one when I was 12.
  • Why did they decide to confirm that it was Vic Vance who died at the start of VC rather than the conveniently-mentioned third brother, Pete? Pete was mentioned a few times in VCS as being sick, but he's never seen in the game. This would have been an easy way of explaining why Lance's brother at the start of VC walks with a limp, looks nothing like Vic, and sounds nothing like Vic. Instead, it would have just been their previously unseen third brother.
  • Who thought it would be a good idea to not include a wider variety of side missions in IV? It was an amazing game and had one of the best stories in the series, but they leave you with jack sh*t to do when it's done.
  • When the bonus given to you for shooting 200 pigeons is the same exact helicopter that can be easily stolen for free at a police station, there isn't much of an incentive to take out the pigeons unless you're desperate for the trophy/achievement, is there?
  • 69 missions in V, with some of them being reduced to "Pick up the mask.....MISSION PASSED," is pathetic, especially for a game that was touted as being the biggest, baddest GTA yet.
  • GTA Online......why?
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11 hours ago, Syrens said:

I forgot about the clothing animations in San Andreas, lordy lord that used to grind on me.  Once I tried on 2-3 things I was done, settled for w/e the heck he was wearing and called it quits.

Tell me about it. That's something that really irritated me.

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-San Andreas: CJ starting with a sh*tty driving stat despite spending 5 years in Liberty City stealing cars for Joey Leone. Would think he'd have a better driving stat by default to maintain some consistency.

-San Andreas: The lack of rideable taxis. I don't get why it took until GTA IV to introduce taxis as an alternative way of getting around given the map size in San Andreas. Would've been better for those missions literally half a state away.

-San Andreas: CJ can't climb ladders *facepalm*.

-San Andreas: Races forcing the use of a specific car instead of like every other GTA.

-San Andreas: CJ not being able to steal a locked convertable with its roof down. Just jump over the f*cking door like a normal person.


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IV:Having a pissy filter. 

IV:Thinking the driving system they implemented is "realistic". 

IV:Creating every car suspension like a 70s car. 

V:Creating a minigame like Yoga. Instead you could've made the Vespucci gym an interactive area. 

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- badly Designed beach. 

- Tommy running faster than cars. 

- bad camera control. 



- Clothing changing animations. 

- Catalina.. just annoying. 

- Ryder being a traitor. 

- Cesar not getting enough time. 



- sh*tty grey-brown filter. 

- Niko complaining about Roman's gambling but money not getting deducted.  

- Not using a Serbian voice actor for Niko. 

- Bulgarin disappearing. Would've preferred him to sh*tty Pegorino. 

- No parachutes. 

- No tanks. 

- Alderney. So boring and bland.  

- Brucie but no car customising. 

- Stupid friend 'like' system. It goes down whenever you refuse to hang out. Niko's friends expect him to be available all the time? 

- Niko being in love with Kate at the end. Seemed shoehorned in at the last minute. He's screaming 'why didn't you kill me instead' lol.... since when did he fall in love with her? Should've introduced a girl in the beginning so we can care about her at the end. 

- Repetitive mission structure. 

- the left leaning camera angle while driving. 

- horrible bike physics. 

- clunky cover system. 



- Can't change guns in some missions. 

- Crap like getting masks counted as missions. 

- Trevor killing Johnny. 

- Stretch being forgotten until the end. 

- No vigilante missions.

- Characters changing clothes on their own. Certain combinations not usable... why? 

- No restaurants. 

- Some interiors not being accessible after missions. 

- Downgraded AI from IV. 

Edited by Son of Zeus
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Mission rankings. Just... WHY? I'm gonna get chastised by the game because I didn't do th emission the devs wanted me to? Erpderp you only get silver because you didn't do the stupid thing. Whatever happened to freedom?


The fact that killing yourself in GTA IV is more productive since you don't lose your weapons as opposed to getting busted.


GTA SA: The Damn Train.

This is a big one. THere is one specific Vagos who undergoes an "almost falls off the train" animation during the chase. During this animation he is COMPLETELY INVULNERABLE since Smoke doesn't shoot at him if he decided to target that specific Vagos. That Vagos is the biggest reason this mission is considered hard and if you can get Smoke to shoot at him early on the mission is easy as pie. Why did Rockstar implement that animation if it would equal invulnerability and wasted time?

Edited by EkaSwede
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-GTA V: The watered down friends system that may aswell not even be in the game.

-GTA V: Cops lacking the A.I to simply arrest peds instead of killing them in cold blood.

-San Andreas:  Sh*tty, unresponsive bicycle physics that will send you flying to the bloody moon just for hitting a slight bump.

-San Andreas: Poorly modelled safehouse interiors that most of the time don't even match the outer dimensions of the property. It's like stepping into the f*cking closet in the Chronicles Of Narnia.

-San Andreas. Did they fire the sound department that did the weapons sounds in Vice City? Because here they sound like sh*tty cap guns from a discount store.

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There are lot of decisions that I cannot understand and everytime Im scratching my head.

Maybe other games has also these confusing moments but I only get headsore while playing GTA games.I feel like Houser´s puppet in most ocassions and thats not fun.

Im asking myself why Im still playing Rockstar games.Seriously...

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I think I just created the ultimate bashing thread😂



-Not letting you switch to fists during Rampages so you can sprint during Heavy Weapon Rampages. 



-Not using Bayside for Missions. 



-Ruining New York's iconic statue for a cheap joke. 

-Not letting you hangout with Bernie

-Acting like an errand boy for the entire game to earn money for spending on nothing. 



-*promises bringing back cool 3D era weapons*



Edited by TheSantader25
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Lying about the single player gta v dlc even game informer called them on their bs. 


V not having crouching


Bulgarian not having a bigger role for 4


V removing activities like gang warfare for yoga 


No gta 4 remaster


V having female models for vagos but not for families Azteckas, Mara Bunta 


Edited by Copcaller
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V: Cutting out the Uranus/Blista Compact/Stallion just to have the later two return in Next Gen.
V: Removing all of the realistic everyday civilian vehicles that were in IV.

V: Making the Kuruma manufactured by Karin, despite being based off a Mitsubishi (Maibatsu).

Edited by Yinepi
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The sh*tty car handling in IV I'll never understand. If every car in the game were a 70's landyacht I'd get it but otherwise it's just weird to see a zippy little Asian hatchback to lean like an old caddy.


Also how they changed the Manana from a compact coupe to a landyacht, the Esperanto from a 70's landyacht to a painfully generic 80's sedan, etc. etc. etc. Why??

Edited by universetwisters
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  • No reverse indicator lamps on cars. Almost every car in the other 3D-era games have them, why not in SA?


  • The blurring/smog effect that appears during the day that makes it hard to look at the skyline from a distance. Glad it was removed for TBoGT. Fun fact: if you look at the city through a glass window (e.g. from the back of a Taxi), the blurring effect is not there.
  • Traffic lights appearing on the wrong side of the intersection.


  • The decision to rename certain cars that have had more-or-less the same design in previous installments of the series. Examples: Dodo -> Mammatus, Skimmer -> Dodo, Bandito -> Dune Buggy, BF Injection -> Bifta
  • The Feltzer not appearing in a "stock" model.
  • Rancher XL but no Rancher.
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7 hours ago, TheSantader25 said:

I think I just created the ultimate bashing thread😂


It's all your f*cking fault.:blush:


-3D era in general: Car doors that can pass through NPCs when opened.

-TLAD and TBOGT: The like/respect system from GTA IV even though it's pointless since the friends' perks are unlocked from the start.

-GTA V: Inconsistent vehicle damage that can range from barely putting a dent to the vehicle exploding from a height.

-GTA V: Dying from a height into water (Cause realism).

-GTA V: The tank being noticeably weaker than the 3D era counterpart. It'll get ripped to shreds in no time giving no incentive to go on tank rampages.

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11 hours ago, TheSantader25 said:


-*promises bringing back cool 3D era weapons*



Oh that reminds me; 

V/O: Bringing back the flamethrower weapon, but making it stuck to a truck instead of making it carriable.


Side note; Why are the vehicles in GTAV unmemorable? Usually I remember the names of vehicles in GTA easy. I can't remember the name of that truck.


V/O: Making all of these cool apocalypse vehicles, but having no apocalypse. Damn SP DLC leftovers.

V/O: All these cool sports cars (like the Delxuo) that don't have a non-gimmicky traffic version.

Edited by Yinepi
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