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Dutch van der Linde was in San Andreas

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Yesterday I learned that Benjamin Byron Davis, the voice of Dutch van der Linde in Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption 2 appeared in GTA San Andreas as one of the pedestrians. Here's a short video showcasing his ped and all his lines. If you're really sensitive about RDR2 story details then perhaps you should only watch the first 30 seconds of the video as the rest of it contains minor spoilers! 



For me, It's quite amazing to think that this is the very same person. The same guy whose performance years later would bring one of video game's best ever characters to life (and give birth to a huge number of memes, ofc) was, at first, just a random guy on the street you've never paid any attention to. Same with that GSF member, whose voice actor (Solo) became Franklin in GTA V years later. San Andreas had some great casting.



also, do you guys think it was also him who voiced Derek, the guy from Tanker Commander mission for Catalina? it's the same ped and he sounds very similar 




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Could be, you find this with Voice actors a lot though, they'll do multiple voices even in the same game/show.  Look at Mark Hamill.

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lil weasel

Lots of people voiced in GTA San Andreas.

I really didn't find it all that interesting, except as a passing note.

HERE: Listing of Everybody, if you don't have the Booklet that came with the Disc Versions:


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Shawn Solo Fonteno Franklin from V was also in San Andreas and so was Mario D'Leon the guy who voiced Luis in TBOGT.

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Nik0 Bellic

Also wo zi mu's voice is a cop's voice in gta 4, dutch's sound also close to jim bravura in max payne(2001)

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he's gotta be in... THE GREATEST GAME OF ALL TIME

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Nik0 Bellic

I forgot i was just gonna ask somethin, does dutch have a plan in gta sa too?

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Basically if you voice acted for GTA SA. You will get to be a main character of a rockstars game.

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