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do agree that rdr 2 has a issue with losing horses?


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recently i bought a dutch warmblood and i later was killed in a ambush by ( i think) lemoyne raiders they machine gunned me.

when i respawned my dutch warmblood was gone and in it's place a morgan, i checked few stables even one i think i bought the horse from and it was gone.

it wasn't the first time i've had it happen that's $140 i'll never see again.

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2 minutes ago, Cutter De Blanc said:

Your horse died. Take better care of your horse.

i just found out by checking google that once your horse is killed you don't get it back.

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Serious injuries can be fixed by using horse reviver.

Unfortunately if your horse dies, it is only undone by rolling back to an older save.


However, to answer your questions about this game having a problem with horses...


Can't say I agree.

The horse AI is a bit sketchy, but there is no excuse for not having horse reviver or a save to role back to...


Edited by Deadman2112
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Make sure to do a hard save every once in a while. I do one about every hour or so. Therefore if something like this happens again, you can just reload. 

Edited by Marcinguy
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Cutter De Blanc

It gets to the point where the horse's life is more important than my own. If I die I just respawn, if my horse dies I have to go all the way back down to New Austin to find another Tiger Mustang

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Locked at OP's request.

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