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Where to find them after taking over?

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I have recently restarted playing San Andreas again after a 5 year gap (and am loving it). But it appears after taking over all the territories in gang wars with Ballas and Vagos, they disapear. Where would be the fun if the no longer exist? i have notice that the  varrios los aztecas get a lot hostile after the storyline is completed, and while they are such substitutes, the purple Ballas is my most fav enemy gang in the whole series and I can't live without them, just so much fun to wage the green vs purple war. The  mroemzh  and bifbuzz cheats spawns them, but I do not want to save cheated games, is it not possible to retain Ballas and Vagos in anyway after taking over 100 % gang territories 😢 ? .

Edited by wfank

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lil weasel

You have exterminated them. They are all Dead.



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6 hours ago, lil weasel said:

You have exterminated them. They are all Dead.



😢 , well I guess I have to give their place to the Aztecas. I just like the Triads too much to kill them , the Rifas are the wimpiest of all and Da Nangs are rares. So Aztecas have to do, still not all to into attacking Cesar's gang, but they just have to do for the actions and nothing beats shootouts with a gang with attitude , which the Aztecas do have :).

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Evil empire

If you play on PC GTA savegame editor is your friend.

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If you lose a gang war after the second wave (leave the area) then CJ will only convert 2/3rds of the rival gang density of the zone. This is enough to gain control of the turf but will leave some rival gang density in the zone so they still spawn. 


It's possible to use turf exploits to add a little extra rival gang density to zones so it's possible to still have gang attacks (key to exploiting turf glitches) while maintaining control of the turf.


If you wipe out the Vagos completely then Tornadoes stop spawning.

Edited by OrionSR

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