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So I have a bunch of questions, so asking them all in one post:


- How do I earn more money? I finished more or less all missions, yet I still haven't bought the golf club and the theatre, so need  180 millions for them

- How does one delete e-mail messages from phone? Is it possible? Do they expire? I remember pressing Space used to delete some of them, but I have a few from Epsilon that won't delete, and I tried most of the standard buttons

- What is the significance of the yellow flashing dots along the runway? Is there something for me? Mind you, I'm in a car well outside of the aeroport boundary.


- Should Sonar dock generate income for Michael?

- What are the black Google-pindrop style icons that randomly appear on my map? How can I delete them?

- Is it possible to view the photos that you have taken with your phone camera? Seems pretty pointless, because there doesn't seem a way.

- Do Trevor's Arms Trafficing Air missions ever stop? I did quite a lot, and they all seem to be very similar and never-ending

- How does one steal a taxi? I tried holding down Enter rather than pressing it, but to no avail

- Can you actually use the gyms?

Edited by Lioshenka

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-With theStock Market. Keep Lester's Assassinations till the end for full profit. 


-They can't be deleted. Messages can be deleted though if I'm not mistaken. 

-Just showing the best landing route in any airport. They can be found in Sandy's Shores airfield and Mckenzie as well. 

-It will only generate if you collect nuclear wastes via a submarine

-these are points of interest you can manually place or remove on the map yourself. Can be deleted by the same button you placed them. 

-Can be seen in the gallery section of the pause menu. 

-They are infinite. Like drug wars/gang wars in GTA EFLC. 

-You can but I'm not familiar with PC Keyboard controls. 

-Nope. San Andreas exclusive feature. Never seen in any other GTA. 

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14 hours ago, Lioshenka said:

- How does one steal a taxi? I tried holding down Enter rather than pressing it, but to no avail

Keeping the button held down should work ("F" in default key bindings on PC).

The other questions have been answered above.

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Them dots just indicate that it's a runway, nothing special

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It's very time consuming and boring but another way to make enough money to buy all the businesses if you didn't save the assassinations missions for the end is to keep sleeping/saving to advance time and earn money from existing businesses. This is after the story is over so you already have all the mission money to start with. You do it with Michael because he can buy the theatres which yield the most money, start with buying one and then keep saving as Trevor (he sleeps the longest) until Michael's weekly earnings add up to enough to buy another one, then repeat until you have all the theatres and you can save for the golf course with the weekly earnings from them. Actually to save time you don't always save, you press the button to save standing next to the bed but after that just go back (as it still advances the time), and just do the full save every so often.


I did this because I happened to want to binge watch every series of a TV show I like over a couple of weeks, and just had GTA on doing the sleeping/saving over and over hundreds and hundreds of times whenever I was watching it lol. Owning the golf course is pretty much worthless (just means golf is free and you can wear any clothes when playing whoop dee do, and it would take an age to actually turn a profit from it) so I wouldn't really recommend it to anyone, but I'm a completist 😛. I guess it's kind of cool that my Michael now earns so much each week that I actually earn more than I lose when dying because the few hours spent in hospital it advances me towards my next huge paycheck is worth more than $5000.

Edited by billiejoearmstrong8

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