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Favorite Saloon

Cutter De Blanc

Favorite Saloon  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite saloon?

    • Smithfield's (Valentine)
    • Keane's (Valentine)
    • The Parlor House (Rhodes)
    • The Bastille Saloon (Saint Denis)
    • Doyle's Tavern (Saint Denis)
    • The Old Light Saloon (Van Horn)
    • Blackwater Saloon (Blackwater)
    • Armadillo Saloon (Armadillo)
    • Tumbleweed Saloon (Tumbleweed)

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tbh I'd probably like hanging around the saloons a lot more if the npcs weren't overly agressive assholes. 1 fight and the law is all over your ass or, in the case of van horn the entire town is against you, AND YOU STILL LOSE HONOUR. Off topic, but why put in a mob mentally in van horn, oh yeah because rockstar can't allow us to have fun. It should've been a lawless, do whatever you want town like theives landing. 

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7th Ward Charizard

Tumbleweed. It’s small and the sheriff next door is a dick, but it’s as far from civilization as you can get. 

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