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Tuning Mod

Recommended Posts



TMv3 is a sandbox tuning cleo mod where the limit is your creativity.



This is my current largest project, something I started in 2012 and became the world's biggest cleo mod.



You can literally add any model in any vehicle!

Any game object; any weapon; you can download or create new parts; you can even use parts of one car in another!
It's possible to position the part anywhere, being able to rotate, stretch, resize, reverse, mirror and even deform!
With all the convenience: undo commands, save / load position, different command modes, quick wheel changes and pre-adapted parts for functions and assistance. There are even CTRL+C / CTRL+V commands.
Remember the famous Autosculpt from Need For Speed games? There is something similar (in some ways, even more advanced).
The number of parts is unlimited and can be placed anywhere on the vehicle (doors, wheels, propellers etc).

You can manage all parts with a hierarchical view similar to modeling programs. There you can hide, delete, rename and apply functions to your parts.


You can paint the parts in RGB using a GUI interface (with mouse).
And how about choosing the headlight color?
You can set model features, install scissor doors (which open upwards), change handling, engine sound and even plate text!
Do you want to change the driver's and exhaust smoke position?
Wheel positions? Hood? Doors? You can also!
Tilt suspension? Lower the car? Harden springs? Change wheel size?
Install functional turbo with BOV sound? New brakes? Tires that alter physics and have realistic wear?
There is even a game native tuning implementation using a re-imagined interface and mobile icons. There are even paintjobs preview and menu with all available colors.

All cars now include stats with lots of information.



Tuning Mod is much more than an in-game ZModeler, and allows you to make small changes or even create new cars from scratch.

Join the community: We have a group with over 2,000 members on Facebook, and almost 1,000 new parts released, including engines, wheels, speakers, motorcycle exhausts, bicycle pedals and even "magic" parts. The parts can have VehFuncs features.




It's a fun, freedom-focused mod that you'll spend weeks learning new things, and you'll be entertained for eternity — as far as your imagination takes you.


Download parts, garages, see tutorials etc.:


Join the group on Facebook:


‎Author: Junior_Djjr


- Features/Helps: Fabio, Wesser, DK22Pac, MTA Team, madleg, PepLegal, fastman92, Thayná, LINK/2012
- ClipboardCommands.cleo: Deji
- Icons: War Drum Studios, Meck
- Sounds: Turn 10 Studios, EA Games, Adnan


Thanks to:
- Supporters: Michtogino, robin_be/yugecin, Jeferson Francelino, Leonardo dos Santos Feitoza, Joao Vitor Lopes, Jeferson Francelino, Billy Haze Sidewinder, RetrKill0 (FJB), Kelvin Carvalho, Franz Littig, Ruben Angel Viera, Pedro Oliveira, Bruno Santos Neles, Tiago José Viana Baloneker, Magdiel Abreu, DYXiCZ
- All modding contribuitors, mainly from IDB.
- All the people in the Tuning Mod group on Facebook - Who created incredible things, thus motivating me to continue the project: fb.com/groups/tuningmod
- And all visitors of the MixMods family.


Alternative translations:
- French: Michtogino



Version: v3.0 RC6

Choose the language to download:
(includes partial translation for French)



Português / Portuguese



Read the Readme.txt!!!



Damn, how I hate this new post editor...


Edited by Junior_Djjr

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Tuning Mod does not take FPS from the game.

Nice joke.





Edited by Nonary_Ninox

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3 hours ago, Nonary_Ninox said:

Nice joke.





do you reading readme yes ? nice joke bro

open your cleo folder and tuning mod and open tuning-mod-cfg.ini from NoWheelAdjust = 0 make you NoWheelAdjust = 1 and fixed you fps drop 

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10 hours ago, Gtamodpacker said:

do you reading readme yes ? nice joke bro

open your cleo folder and tuning mod and open tuning-mod-cfg.ini from NoWheelAdjust = 0 make you NoWheelAdjust = 1 and fixed you fps drop 

It doesn't help. That's why I posted here.


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The joke here is that you should not be playing GTA San Andreas on more than 30FPS. More than that and the physics would be janky. Ask Silent for more information on the subject matter.

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