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How do the various vehicle skills actually work?

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One mechanic that has always intrigued me in this game is that surrounding the various skills attributed to vehicles. Obviously from the beginning of the game we're met with a blank slate and it's up to us to fill these skills up as we play through the game. Some activities are locked to us unless we're proficient enough, such as the Dirt Ring and Hot Ring races. If you load up a completed save, play and then start a new game the difference is quite striking. What I want to know is, how do these skills actually work? In what increments do they increase? What in-game stats are altered to make driving easier? What actually causes these stats to increase in the first place, other than driving without crashing? I'd love to read something in-depth, and I assumed somebody here has looked into it.


Cheers babe.

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lil weasel

To my experience, the only skill with vehicles is to Drive them.

Seems every 10,000 units of driving adds to the skill level.

Accidents, Collisions, do not affect it. I hit a lamppost and a notification of driving skill increase popped up. Purly distance driven that counts.

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That video's ideal, thank you for that.

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About effects. The only effect driving skill has on gameplay is that it is used in a multiplier of how fast player can rotate vehicle while in-air. However, the effect is small and limited so that there is not change after player reached 20%. However, if you edit game values by making driving skill negative, the effect become very noticeable especially if you set it to be very low...


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Easiest way to find out - just put in "max all vehicle skills" cheat.

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