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*Role-playing possibilities*

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  • Fisherman. Live by fishing, by camping or live in a nice cosy cabin, admire the beautiful nature and it's eco-system; fish and sell it to make money.
  • Hunter. Live by hunting and eating your preys, by camping or live in a nice cosy cabin, admire and respect the beautiful nature and it's eco-system, hunt (/many) types of animals using appropriate weapons to get a perfect kill and sell pelts, hides and skin.
  • Treasure Hunter. You roam the country, you find yourself in deep cave and dense forest to get your hand on the most valuable and precious object that are hidden out there!


  • Poker player. Play poker for a living and try to be the best player by beating other players across the country and make a tons of money, live in the best hotels and eat the best food.


  • Night Folk. Live and wander in the Bayou NWA, dirty, barely dress and no boots, looking for victims to humiliate, loot and cut in pieces.
  • Serial Killer. e.g. Dressed with the best clothes, very classy, you wander in Saint-Denis at night, looking for victims in dark back alley and take your beautiful knife to penetrate bodies.
  • Monster Hunter. You are in Saint Denis to rid it of all evil. While arriving near Bluewater Marsh you stumbles across a group of possessed swamp dwellers that called themselves the Night Folk. Determined to end an ancient curse on the land you seeks out Nosferatu the leader of the vampire cult by destroying him with a fire arrow through the heart, thus lifting the curse from the land. (description by Voowg)


  • Rancher (epilogue). Life on a ranch, wake up early in the beautiful sweet morning, do chores, take care of your ranch and spend time with your family.
  • Lawman. You are a lawman, patrol and arrest criminals, protect the fine fellers.
  • Photographer. Whether you are close to the harsh wilderness down in New Austin or the famous Chinatown in the beautiful modern city of Saint-Denis, you take fascinating pictures and wander where nobody dares to go.
  • Lore Hunting. Try to solve mysterious cases like the missing Princess Isabeau Katharina Zinsmeister of Luxembourg. Find the third meteorite! Investigate creepy and dangerous places like the Owanjila's pagan ritual, Bayou NWA, Roanoke Forest. Try to decipher the strange painting/drawings scattered across the country. Roam across the states and discover new things!
  • Lone Wolf. You realize that the gang are not going to stop creating more and more problems that will lead them to destruction, therefore you decide that this is enough, you want to live so it is time to move on; you wait the right night to sneak up, mount and ride your horse at full speed in the beautiful night sky without looking back.
  • Traveler. Bird of passage, money is not an issue; you keep moving from one place to another using trains, asking people to give you a ride; you love the sight of new landscapes and new people.
  • Hobo. Your love for the journey above the actual destination, you travel from town to town, finding work when you can, but only for the sake of financing your next adventure!



-Useful links'-;

Houses/cabins scattered across the country.

Deputy's badge.

Mysteries [1] [2]

Removing the belt and satchel

Van Helsing/Monster Hunter outfit

RDR1 Treasure Hunter outfit by TwinkieSnake

Lantern on belt [1] [2]

Edited by 0223998743
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Stay at home dad: wake up do chores on the ranch spend time with the family,  repeat daily.

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- being a lawman

- being a photographer (includes "out of map glitch")

- being simply a fisherman, farmer (John; "union suit glitch") or cattleman (Arthur; "naked glitch"): free roam with no belt/holster/revolver; only fists; maybe one rifle

- getting dressed in a similar way to explore New Austin (journey happens post-Undead Nightmare dlc): all flesh eater were wiped out; this whole incident caused the current emptiness/ lack of events

- free roam as a redskin (RDRO only)

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Currently playing in a new Chapter 3 save.


The gang continues to create more problems than is necessary

Arthur, a conflicted gang member spends more time away than at camp

Arthur now spends most days hunting, fishing and playing poker with the boys in Valentine.


Arthur is torn between loyalty and the realization that the better days have passed by and its likely best to move on

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18 hours ago, Possebility said:

getting dressed in a similar way

What's the outfit you are talking about ? the link show all the RDR1 outfits. By the way, out of bounds glitch still work?


farmer (John; "union suit glitch") or cattleman (Arthur; "naked glitch"): free roam with no belt/holster/revolver; only fists; maybe one rifle

Do you have links for that and is this still working?

Edited by anthony

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Any RDR outfit that's realizable (except Reye's Rebels and Mexican Poncho).

With "lantern to satchel glitch" (3:24) you get a really nice looking treasure hunter.

U.S. Army (belt glitch after Chapter 6 mission "goodbye, dear friend") and U.S. Marshal (Chapter 3 badge) seems only possible with Arthur tho.


- rp as a train driver or passenger

- rp as a hiker/hobo; wandering (strolling not running) from town to town without horse


*outta bounds still works (camp up north; passing out)

Edited by Possebility

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Added Monster Hunter, Traveler, Hobo and Treasure Hunter.

Added three links; Monster Hunter and Treasure Hunter outfits and lantern on belt.

Edited by 0223998743
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