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Max Payne

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I am sure people have asked this question before but does the UG Team have plans or is it even possible to add any Max Payne Interiors, Maps Models or Decals to the game, at the very least it would be nice to see some decals over vehicles such as the Squeeky Cleaning Company logo on vans From Max Payne 2 or perhaps Max Payne 1 or 2 players models in the Skin selector even just some props like billboards or a few vending machines and posters or one of the many guns and sound effects. 99 percent of Max Payne I think looks very similar to GTA and Man Hunt in terms of style it should look seem less and integrate very well into what you already have. I know that Max Payne is not in the same world as GTA But it would be nice to see some things from either of the two games in Liberty City or in one of the later smaller cities you have planned for later on in development. (Im referring to the first two Max Payne Games only Because 3 really qualifies as a HD game unlike the first two games. as far as I know Max Payne is the only Rockstar Game so far to make the jump from 3D to HD with the story intact so I hope this is why you have not already taken it into consideration for some reason). one particular interior you could use was from Max Payne 2 the inside of the Police Station That would be a nice to see In Liberty City's Police Station maybe? (it might need a makeover seeing as how the game uses more props and NPCS than any other game Bully aside) just an example... any ones Thoughts?

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Max Payne has its own universe, There is no Liberty City, there is NYC instead, same goes for the brandings and everything else. Technically it is possible, Max Payne uses Renderware engine too. Max Payne really doesn't fall under the 3D universe R* titles, assuming it's because it was originally developed by Remedy and published by Rockstar. And to sum it all up, Max Payne 1 and 2's content will probably never make their way in Underground.

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This Is sad However I am aware its not set in the same universe but they can have a few Props Or models I feel the maps And interiors are asking too much But the Soda Machines And art work for posters and Some other decals can easily Be added to the game, I feel like were missing out on this chunk of content that is only not here because they are not in the same universe that's not a good enough answer for me you know? I see no real reason not to add something Max Payne related it just seems that we have not crossed that road yet. 

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