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High camera angle is not high at all


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Hi. I play in third-person and have the follow camera set to a high angle so I can see what I'm about to slam into (trees, fences, NPCs that suddenly appear out of thin air). Has anyone else noticed that this "high" angle simply does not work? I find when I'm running full speed ahead that I have to constantly flip the right stick up to see what's directly in front of me. Has this been reported as a bug or discussed here? It's really damn annoying.

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So I noticed camera follow high isnt actually camera position. It's how fast camera seems to trail behind you and auto center ahead. This same thing bugged me for awhile and i set it to none. I like it much better i tilt my camera a little up and to the side so i see ground and in front perfectly camera stays where I set it.


It threw me off at first also cause options I saw initially just low and high I didnt scroll to none and set high thinking I want camera following higher too so I can see over but it turns out its how fast camera trails behind you and looks ahead.

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I thought it was similar to GTA's high view. I tried galloping in first person and almost threw up on my TV and the cat. Not the most optimal setting.

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I've noticed that as well; especially when riding, I'm always having to adjust the camera.


FP FOV also seems very constricted--I'm normally a huge FP fan, but both GTA Online and RDO have camera issues.

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yeah, they misssed the mark with the camera angles all around. My main gripe is the Cinematic camera that never pans far enough away to actually enjoy the beauty of the world.

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