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BEST places to have a Shootout in RDR2

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Doesn't it bother you when you are basically bored and just want to shoot everything that moves but can find a place since you always end up getting shot after getting flanked by cops that keep spawning? 


Well in this thread we will try to make a compilation of the best places you can start a shootout and resist for ages without getting killed. 




Location number 1 - Saint Denis -





Just go to the red marker point in the map



Clim the wall in the Schiffer brewery



The door can't be opened from the inside our outside



Climb the stairs and you should be able to have a pretty decent view to the street



You can shoot at any cop that shows up on the street, but careful because cops will climb the wall and come to you



So it's better to have your knife with you. Or just hide and wait for them to climb the wall and stab them



Or wait until the cops try to climb the stairs to your position and shoot them



So enjoy your kill spree in this part in Saint Denis :)


Side Note: You can hide in this spot and you won't get spotted by cops







Edited by SouthLand
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Cutter De Blanc

Those big ass unsinkable boats out in the harbor are great too


The roof of the Van Horn Fence is a tricky jump to make, but once you get up there you're golden, when you get bored, just hide until everyone gives up looking for you

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Guest Guest176525326

Van Horn - killing everyone in town, until they stop spawning... 

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I had a pretty big shootout that lasted ages at the St. Denis Cemetery. You do have to move every once in a while but it makes it more fun that way for me. Turned autosave off for that little shooting spree.

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What a quality post OP, with satisfying pictures and description, have my like.

I haven't played the game in over a month, will surely play today for this shootout. Also, I'll try to find other good spots and post pictures here.

Glad to see this thread.

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Morgan Ranch Dressing

I'd say Saint Denis

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