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Great Hunts and Adventures!

Dark Eco Wolf

Recommended Posts

Dark Eco Wolf

This Blog is for all who want to post and share their adventures! Everyone that plays RDR2 has had at least one great hunt or adventure so share it please! This is one of my greatest bear hunts and maybe one of the best around! Plus some little adventure clips! Please check it out and comment! Thank you too all who participate in my blog!!! chttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Siw1PrmsIk 

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So about bears...

my first 4 bears all attacked my poor 'Artie' and he barely managed to break free and shoot the bastards.

The next one was a bloody "mangy black bear" which I shot, frustrated.

Then I killed the legendary Grizzlie with a springfield rifle (split point), 3 shots in the flank, 2 in the head and he went down.

Today I heard a bear (north of Strawberry somewhere) and I took my Rolling block rifle, dismounted, put on cover scent and used predator bait. Of course the damn thing came from the other side, spooking my horse (he appeared as a red dot but disappeared again) I came closer, suddenly I hear him close by, I turn to the right and he's 10 feet away, very mad. I thought, here we die again, but he started intimidating me by growling instead of attacking right away. I pointed the Rolling block rifle at him and shot him once in the mouth using dead eye. He was a 3 star Grizzlie, haha bingo!

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Dark Eco Wolf

Isnt loosing a horse heartbreaking even though its not real? lol Ive only encountered to grizzly bears so for the first one is in the video I attached and the legendary bear. The normal bear put up more of a fight and tore me to shreds and the legendary bear went down easily with an ancient tomahawk to the neck! This game is SO awesome right? 

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Haven't lost one yet (always carrying max amount of horse revivers just in case) but I can imagine it feels awfull... I earn money by stealing/catching horses, training them upto level 4 and selling them...

Yes it really is... The amazing details, I discover something new every day:

-Arthur can talk to his own refclection in the mirror

-he can sit on edges of cliffs

-you can 'push' a (big) fish eg Muskie to the shore when it's in undeep water and pick it up once it's dead, no weapons needed and you'll probably get a 3 star

-Arthur actually sweats and so does the horse (foam comes from under saddle)

-he can swing his lasso higher and throw it further by holding the 2 triggers at the same time...

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Dark Eco Wolf

I didn't know about that last tip, thanks! The little things are one of the things I love most about this games. Speaking of moose loving, have came across the legendary moose? When I came across him, he was a gentle giant. just  jogging around me not having a care in the world. I didn't want to hunt him but for the sake of achieving the games hunting tasks I put him down...then I turned him into some gloves! lol  

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haha no I got killed by a bloody cougar when I was looking for the moose...

Another tip: today I was riding along, minding my own business, when I see a hunter walking in front of his horse and the horse was carrying a perfect deer. I dismounted (I din't talk to the hunter and I came from behind, so I guess he din't see me coming) and I clicked 'remove deer from horse'. Then I quickly put the deer on my own horse and that was that. I even passed by him, in front of his nose, all he said was "How 'bout you get out of my sight?!" But he din't realise what had happened and he didn't start shooting and my honor din't go down!

And there's another funny thing, when you're just outside of Strawberry and you meet a guy who has lost his way and he wants you to excort him back to Strawberry. I led the way but his blabbing annoyed me so I put my horse into a gentle trot. IHe started to fall behind, his voice gets softer and softer and suddenly I hear

"WILLLLL YOU SLOOWW DOOOWWWNNNNNNNN!!!" I turned around just in time to see him come running at an astonishing speed, lifting his legs op high and holding his hat with one hand, his bag or watherver with the other... Hilarious!

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Dark Eco Wolf

I with him into town then met up with Micah to tear up town literally. When I started to leave town I came across the crazy priest in the river. I lassoed him and hogtied him then left him alive tied up. About two minutes later I got attacked by wolf. Don't mess around with karma! 

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I was out searching for Wild Boar to satisfy a taste for pork chops when I saw something even bigger.  With horns.  I knew there was no way I'd get this massive animal onto my Horse's back, but I at least needed that pelt and the meat.  Didn't want to spook him so I crept up real close and took careful aim.  Got real lucky when he turned broadside to me and I leveled my Springfield's sights on his head.  BANG!  That .45-70 round blew off part of his head and he collapsed onto the ground with his brain splattered in little bloody pieces.  Had to shoot a couple of angry farmhands too, before I could skin him, and ran over their dog while trying to escape the legal investigation, but got me my Florida Cracker Cow!

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Dark Eco Wolf

That's a good story. I could imagine it all and at the end when I found out it was a cow I had a good laugh! Thanks for sharing!

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I had quite an adventure with the Nitefolk in the swamps at night, suddenly hear a woman crying. I ride closer, she's on the ground, head in her hands, sobbing. (She was wearing a long white "dress" like in typical horror movies, shouldda known better...) I approached her and 'greeted' her:

"Hello madam, what's wrong?"

(no response)

"Madam! How can I help you?"

(still nothing)

"Talk to me madam, what's the matter?"

Then she suddenly juimped up and attacked me with a hissing sound and a knife and Nitefolk came running from all over the place! I started shooting at them and tried to lasso her but somehow she managed to get free and started stabbing me with a knife. I took out my old pirate sword I had found in a boat wreck in the swamps and finally killed her... Gee, my heart though!

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Cutter De Blanc

I've only run into the nitefolk once, saw some guy hanging from a tree in the swamp, felt like a setup, they would have caught me completely off guard if it hadn't.  Blew two of their heads off, and knocked out the last one with the butt of my sawn off. Seeing he was still alive I took him over to the train tracks and waited for a train to run him over. It ripped one of his arms off, but he was still alive, I had to shoot him in the head to kill him. f*ckin voodoo zombies

Edited by Cutter De Blanc
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  • 2 weeks later...

another hunting adventure (this one's spoiler free;))

I had 2 perfect carcasses (wolf and elk, wanted to bring them to Pearso for crafting) when I realised I only have horse... (of course no one around to steal a horse from...)

So i decide to carry the wolf and suddenly a buck rams me! (buck,ram, haha sorry, bad joke:))


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  • 4 weeks later...

playing on my "Story Play through"

Decided to get some perfect pelts for P. to craft some satchels for me.


I am out roaming and I spot several deer off in the field just past some trees in a clearing, at least two are 3* pelts! yeah! jackpot.

hop off my mount.

get the Rare Rolling Block out..

walk a bit to get a good line-of-sight shot on them

quietly approach... they cant see/hear/smell me, this is too easy.

Line up a deer in my scope.


about to pull the trigger...


out of nowhere this Buck comes and just tramples the $#!+ out of me, the deer ALL scatter:angry:

and the Buck shoots off with blazing speed, by the time I get my barring whistle for my house

EVERYTHING is gone:/ That Deer must have been in Rut seeing all those does and was licking his chops worse then me apparently.


you best bet EVERY BUCK I see taste my bullets, cause I don't know which one did it, but unless I am returning a bounty, or on a mission, I slaughter all the Bucks I spot.


Haha, I love this game.



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