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a z

CUT: dogs as companions

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a z

A handful of cat breeds were more than enough to feel like they had a presence.  So then why so many more dog breeds?


All the parts were there for having a dog as a companion pet...

  • the models
  • the animation
  • the UI for praising + scolding
  • the AI
  • the Compendium entries. 


It looks like another thing cut to wrap the game up by the Take 2 release date.







Edited by alz

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The game has lots of animals. I think this is one of the few areas that didn't suffer getting cut or unfinished. The fact that there are multiple dog breeds is hardly evidence of a cut dog companion system. Unless I'm missing something?

Edited by HockeyMike24

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Daniel Oprea

i would love to have some kind of a dog that senses predators, and go along you. Pet him as hour horse, feed him and maybe play with him?

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a z

The previous Red Dead had a small mission when you go around the MacFarlane Ranch with a dog to sniff out intruders.  You can have more than one horse following you, so a dog is no different. 


And actually... pretty handy because dogs can attack people, defending you.  A horse won't.  If dogs had been companions, it wouldn't be far fetched to see Rockstar adding a way to get a wolf as a pet. 


Hell, imagine some Trapper quests that allow you to rescue one of half-a-dozen animals to pick your spirit animal companion: Wolf, Cougar, Bear, Eagle, Elk, Boar (that giant one Hammish Sinclair tries to take down).  All those creatures have animation and AI to support this.  The only logistic is having them stay outside of towns and Dutch's camp while you're in them.  I'd easily pay for a Creature + Hunting expansion DLC.  Maybe Rockstar will do something like this but shove it into Red Dead Online instead.

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Cutter De Blanc

I liked how in the first game you could whistle and the town dog would follow you around town


Now the dog just ditches me after I finish petting it :(

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