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Why rockstar bans innocent people after each update


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I am a clean player who rockstar banned for 30 days and reset my whole character off level 280 something,  and with over 1200 hours of play . I have spent over $2950 ( the 2950 is proven sales) with of shark cards I paid for. I will look at my bank accounts soon to see the missing purchases.  I have reported over 100 players for modding, griefing, some cheating.  Have 80 plus friends who all know im a very clean player. 

It seems like every update they kick people with no way to fight the suspension or to get a real answer. The issue is that the legal team refuses to allow people to find out so that they have no recourse in getting back their money ot character. 

Last update for thr night life, they banned wrongly,  and had to reinstate players. It's rumored that they do this for steam/pc players because it's only 2% of the base, and they wans get rid of ot but can't because they've sold the games. If they get people to quit then it's justifiable to rid the steam customer service. I've heard hundreds of cases of other players wrongfully banned. 

I will attach all my cards purchases here, n have opened my profile publicly to everyone. 

All i asked them to do is re- review my account. Then to either reinstall my character or give me all of my shark cards money left. They refused because the "rule" is no fighting banning or suspensions,  n once u get back, you ONLY get what's left of your shark cards. So out of the hundreds of millions of GTA dollars, i wad given less than the 80 i had left. 

I have no faith in rockstar to fix this so i wanted to let others know. The link to all the pics of proof are below. 




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You've reposted this in the main section, so to keep from having duplicates I'll go ahead and lock this one :santa:




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