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random crash

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hey guys i have a problem with my gta sa it crashes randomly

here is my error dumb or the log:


Game version: GTA SA 1.0 US
Unhandled exception at 0x005E6580 in gta_sa.exe (+0x1e6580): 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x00000718.
    Register dump:
        EAX: 0x00000000  EBX: 0x71CA32C8  ECX: 0x00000000  EDX: 0x00A43C78  
        EDI: 0x71CA32C8  ESI: 0x17EA7940  EBP: 0x0022F61C  EIP: 0x005E6580  
        ESP: 0x0022F5FC  EFL: 0x00010246  CS: 0x0000001B   SS: 0x00000023   
        GS: 0x00000000   FS: 0x0000003B   ES: 0x00000023   DS: 0x00000023   
    Stack dump:
        0x0022F5FC:  71C6445D 17EA7940 17EA7940 00000001 00000000 005E6580
        0x0022F614:  00000000 17EA7940 0022F628 71C628A0 71CA32C8 0022F69C
        0x0022F62C:  00469FF7 00000AA8 17EA7940 00000000 71C6057F 17EA77E8
        0x0022F644:  17EA7940 0046A220 00000001 00000000 0022F69C FFFFFFFF
        0x0022F65C:  00000010 0022F6D8 0083C528 FFFFFFFF 0053BFCC 016D2208
        0x0022F674:  0022F71C FFFFFFFF 47138F00 0022F69C 71C61E04 0053E986
        0x0022F68C:  65F5F75A 0022F71C 65F5FC50 00000001 0022F6E4 65F5B8E9
        0x0022F6A4:  0022F6F0 016CB308 65FB8A9C 016D2208 00000000 00000000
        0x0022F6BC:  00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 01670000 0022F6AC
        0x0022F6D4:  0022F6AC 0022F708 65FB3B40 00000001 0022F6F8 65F5FC02
        base: 0x00030000   top: 0x0022F5FC   bottom: 0x00230000
    Backtrace (may be wrong):
        =>0x005E6580 in gta_sa.exe (+0x1e6580) (0x0022F61C) 
          0x71C628A0 CLEO_ReadStringOpcodeParam+0x310 in CLEO.asi (+0x228a0) (0x0022F628) 
          0x00469FF7 in gta_sa.exe (+0x69ff7) (0x0022F69C) 
          0x65F5B8E9 in modloader.asi (+0x1b8e9) (0x0022F6E4) 
          0x65F5FC02 in modloader.asi (+0x1fc02) (0x0022F6F8) 
          0x65F5E267 in modloader.asi (+0x1e267) (0x0022F714) 
          0x65F60246 in modloader.asi (+0x20246) (0x0022F888) 
          0x65F6013C in modloader.asi (+0x2013c) (0x0022F894) 
          0x0053ECC2 in gta_sa.exe (+0x13ecc2) (0x0022F89C) 
          0x00619B71 in gta_sa.exe (+0x219b71) (0x0022F8B0) 
          0x00748DA0 in gta_sa.exe (+0x348da0) (0x0022F950) 
          0x65F5FB94 in modloader.asi (+0x1fb94) (0x0022F970) 
          0x65F5DE46 in modloader.asi (+0x1de46) (0x0022F9A0) 
          0x65F5B83B in modloader.asi (+0x1b83b) (0x0022F9F4) 
          0x65F5FBBB in modloader.asi (+0x1fbbb) (0x0022FA14) 
          0x65F5E202 in modloader.asi (+0x1e202) (0x0022FA44) 
          0x65F607BB in modloader.asi (+0x207bb) (0x0022FBD0) 
          0x65F60188 in modloader.asi (+0x20188) (0x0022FBE8) 
          0x65F5DF18 in modloader.asi (+0x1df18) (0x0022FC18) 

Shutting down Mod Loader...
Shutting down filesystem watcher...
Shutting down menu...
Unloading plugin "gta3.std.fx"
Unloading plugin "gta3.std.asi"
Unloading plugin "gta3.std.bank"
Unloading plugin "gta3.std.data"
Unloading plugin "gta3.std.movies"
Unloading plugin "gta3.std.scm"
Unloading plugin "gta3.std.text"
Unloading plugin "gta3.std.tracks"
Unloading plugin "gta3.std.sprites"
Unloading plugin "gta3.std.stream"
Mod Loader has been shutdown.

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lil weasel

When posting a problem, be sure to include the following information:

  • Operating system (Windows users: be sure to mention if you have Vista/XP/7/8, and which Service Pack you have)
  • Video/Graphics card type + graphics memory
  • Processor
  • RAM (random access memory)
  • If you have installed mods, search or post a topic in this forum
  • Which Version of the Game did you Buy?
  • DVD v1
  • DVD v2
  • STEAM Registered Down Load v3
  • Mobile (Andrioid or iOS)
  • Stolen, Warez, Torrent, Pirated, Game: No fixes to be found here, too many reasons not to work. Ask at the Source Site.

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os: windows 7 ultimate

cpu: pentieum dual core 2.5Ghz

gpu: intel g41 graphics

Ram: 4 gb 

game version 1.01 us downloaded from official rockstar games site

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lil weasel

I see what appears to be a problem.


"game version 1.01 us downloaded from official rockstar games site "

The Game Version One. is a DVD not a down load.

The Official Patch v1.01 is added to the DVD game by the User from the Web Site, to correct errors, and to make the DVD game UNmoddable.

The Down Loaded (Real official Game is V3) requires Registration with and connection to STEAM to play


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