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Chapter 5 question

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I know people have found a way to glitch into guarma but is there a way during chapter 5 to glitch off of guarma and go back to the mainland during chapter 5?

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over here (page 27)


On 1/2/2019 at 11:18 PM, DEALUX said:

We all know about out of bounds glitches but apparently it is possible in the Guarma chapter to go out of bounds from the island. It's really quite easy. I got out of the map by simply going west on the island and then going up. It seems (unconfirmed yet) that you could potentially go back to New Hanover\Lemoyne by going North out of bounds during the free roam parts in that chapter. Kinda odd if possible. I wonder if the game just puts you back in Guarma if you load an autosave.


would also like to know how that's possible.

Only way to explore the entire island/leaving without getting shot by an invisible sniper is within mission "a kind and benevolent despot". Don't shoot your gun or imprisoned Javier gets shot.


Anyway, leaving Guarma requires a horse for north/east swimming adventure (since you can't make it through Mexico/Hennigan's Stead due to another invisible sniper around New Austin).

A "simply save when the old map pops in, then reload to spawn in West Elizabeth" won't work while in Chapter 5.


Why? John's attire looks great; smaller satchel (would be awesome without one tho) and different gun belt/holster.

Hopefully, all this stuff is modable with the pc version.

Edited by Possebility

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Cutter De Blanc

I tried but when I attempted to cross the Lannaheche I died and respawned in Guarma.  I haven't made another attempt since

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