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super kermit

NEWBIE to modding GTA V

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super kermit

I need some help to make GTA V as beautiful as possible.


2 x 1080ti's in SLI (both on water)

Intel i7-6950X CPU (on water)



I am looking for eye candy visuals, no fog, great draw distance.


I am not worried about bringing the real car makes into the game (yet).


Could someone please help? I LOVE this game and have finished it stock, but believe the mods add SO MUCH MORE.

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Well, with this, it's all up to your taste.  Also be careful with car mods because some people don't make lods properly and when THAT happens, your computer ends up using the resources of 6 cars just for 1 car (and it may just be in traffic.).  


As for making GTA look pretty,  beauty is in the eye of the beholder! 

I personally like the make visuals great again mod, but there are SOOOOOO many mods out there that achieve that slightly different look.  Search around on google and youtube for GTA V photorealism mods, or GTA V ENB mods.  This should give you some good ideas of where to start.  


Things to look out for:

titles saying the "best" or "#1"  - those are usually just "view-fluffers" to get more people to watch the video.  don't buy into the hype.  Know what you're looking for in the video and move on if it doesn't have it.

Making most of the video night shots / rain shots - Yes it looks beautiful but car handling in the rain will always be sh*t, and I prefer driving in the day.  If you wanna drive at night in the rain all the time however, feel free to look for that.  (just look at the day shots aswell)

those "1 size fits all" mods.  - There are so many graphical mod enhancements take this beautiful water one for example 

This mod just effects the water.  There are mods for fog, mods for render, mods for street painting, etc, etc, etc.


Which brings me to the DANGER of modding.


Please (if you have the space) backup your game folder or mods folder after each mod you install.  Test it as MUCH as possible, and if it passes your test, continue modding.  

I say this because if you place 3 mods on with 5 mods already install, and one of those mods is made poorly and breaks your game, you'll have to reinstall your mod, (if you know the changes the mod made) OR if you're truly unlucky, you'll have to make another copy of your game and start all over modding.  

anyways, good luck! 

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